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4-Day Deep Healing Breathwork and Ice Bath Retreats

Reconnect, heal, and evolve – let your spiritual journey unfold in this transformative retreat.


Immerse yourself in a transformative experience with our 4-Day Spiritual Evolution and Deep Healing Retreat. Unleash your true potential, heal from within, and evolve beyond your perceived boundaries. Through our specially designed program of therapies and experiences, you'll explore your deepest wounds, release old energies, and emerge stronger and more resilient. We'll support and encourage you as you navigate the challenges and triumphs of your spiritual journey. Join us in this enchanting, nourishing environment and awaken the true you that's been waiting to shine.

Please note: We have other dates available if this one doesn't work for you.

Eco Practices

Our retreat is hosted at an eco-friendly hotel in Cancun, committed to environmental and social responsibility. They collaborate with conservation organizations like GRUPO GEMA del Mayab A. C., supporting marine turtle and dolphin protection programs. The hotel hosts free meetings for the Animal Welfare Network and offer monthly talks on personal development and ecology, empowering women.

They've reduced their carbon footprint by 26.2 tons, with 25% of our electricity coming from solar panels. The hotel welcomes school visits, educating future generations on sustainable business practices.

Directions and Travel

Getting to our retreat is simple, as we are conveniently located near Cancun International Airport. Once you arrive, you can easily access our luxurious retreat center by short taxi or a spacious, air-conditioned ADO coach. Once you arrive at our center, we'll take care of everything. More information available on request.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Jul 06 2023 - Jul 09 2023



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