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10 Day Spiritual Travel from Goa to the Mighty Himalayas

This trip includes ayurvedic treatments, meditating and working with the divine energies and receiving initiations as well as sacred sites visits.


This life changing journey will help you
- bring back soul-fragments of your divine self
- download codes of Embodiment of Mother Parvati for the Divine Feminine,
- work with Mother Goddess Kundalini energy in the powerful energy spot of Ardhnareshwar,
- deactivate the Fear energy of Persecution on account of doing Spiritual work which has been stored deep within cells,
- shift your Consciousness to an elevated higher frequency,
- download codes Of Support from the Elemental Kingdom,
- balance the Masculine & Feminine Aspects,
- elevate your consciousness and come into complete balance,
- increase your channeling abilities,
- receive Abundance and Manifestation Energies.

For more information, please check out our website.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Oct 27 2023 - Nov 05 2023


3.737 EURO

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