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The Heart Chakra Journey in Luxor, Egypt

One week in an oasis at the midst of a world of heritage sites, practicing yoga and meditation daily and opening your heart to the world of ancient Egyptian wonders.

Medinat Habou temple
Medinat Habou temple


We take you to a special place - filled with heritage, grandiose nature and Humanity in its most historical meaning. You will open your heart to a vibrant landscape, made of desert and fertile lands, an outgoing and friendly culture and experience Ancient Egypt History in its most authentic form. You'll stay at Marsam Hotel, the oldest guest house on the West Bank of Luxor, enjoying wonderful meals and visiting the most magnificent temples and tombs.
Yoga to wake up the body in the morning, meditation to open the heart and look back at the day, in the evening. Sunset ride on a boat, hike amond the fileds and villages, visits of the old market. Egypt is a vibrant country, through its most ancient but also modern features. Join us for a lifetime memory!

Eco Practices

Sustainable tourism lies at the heart of Marsam hotel ethos. They are committed to fostering an environment that preserves the original, and fully involves the local community. Products are either grown organically on site or bought locally to small farmers and fishermen. The hotel itself has a very low impact on the environment, with minimalist features, in respect with the local architecture and lifestyle. All visits, at the exception of the two on the east bank of Luxor, will be done by foot as most of the sites are in a very close perimeter.

Directions and Travel

The nearest aiport is Luxor. It is deserved by domestic routes from Cairo and international routes from most of the most important European cities. We can organise the transfer from the airport to the hotel (25 minutes) upon request.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Jan 04 2025 - Jan 11 2025


1150€ - 1815€

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