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Together in Connection, Power Spots & Nature Retreat in Madeira, Portugal

Connection and Presence happens effortlessly when we can freely express what is alive in us and it is heard, acknowledged and let be without wanting to do anything with it.


We will spend 9 days full of Connection, Light-heartedness, Ease, Adventure and Magic in the heavenly Island of Madeira in Portugal. We will do some nature challenges to Pico do Arriero, Pico Ruivo and Pico Grande which are of the most spectacular in the whole of Europe and also visit the most important Power Spots + sights. The invitation is to communicate and relate differently in order to assist each other in recognising and dissolving our conditionings and release our full potential. In our early days we needed to suppress so many feelings and personality traits because they were not welcome by our environment which are actually gifts and talents. Also we adopted a lot of believes about ourselves, life, the world and about how other people view us that are not true if checked.

Directions and Travel

Depending on the arrival time we will meet at the airport or at the hostel after picking up the rental cars.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Oct 28 2023 - Nov 05 2023


599 euros

telephone Europe, Portugal, Madeira

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