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Tranquility and Restoration Retreat

Luxury and nature blended with art, delicious food,meditation and mindfulness at the beautiful Ellerton Hall in Shropshire.


A tranquil retreat on December 7th, offering a transformative day of self-care and enrichment. Alternatively, enhance your experience by arriving on December 6th and luxuriate in the comfort and pure relaxation of Ellerton Hall.
Immerse yourself in this holistic retreat, tailored to nourish your mind, body, and soul. This is designed to provide you with a rejuvenating and immersive experience, combining mindfulness, relaxation, creativity, and culinary delights. Throughout the retreat, you will have the opportunity to indulge in moments of tranquility and self-reflection through rooftop terrace meditations. This event promises to nourish your mind, body, and soul, leaving you feeling refreshed, inspired, and rejuvenated.
Hosted by Holistic Practitioner and Meditation Guide Andrea Lines


Please contact directly for accessibility questions

Eco Practices

All products, food and resources are as locally sourced as possible.
All products and food are as eco friendly as possible.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Dec 06 2023 - Dec 07 2023


£170 - £625

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