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Unique Gateway: Ayahuascha And QHHT Hypnosis Retreat in Colombia 2

5 Days 4 Nights Ayahuasca Spiritual Retreat with Hypnosis in Medellin Colombia


Ayahuasca Ceremonies:
- Mother of all plant medicines.
- Unveils unconsciousness for personal introspection.
- Cleanses body and mind of toxins and negativity.
- Inducts healing energies.
- Calls plant-spirits for assistance.
- Aimed at personal well-being, safety, and joy.

QHHT Hypnosis Retreat:
- Quantum Healing Hypnosis for accessing subconscious mind.
- Guided by a skilled practitioner.
- Deep relaxation and heightened awareness.
- Facilitates emotional and physical healing.
- Provides clarity on life's challenges.
- Fosters a deeper connection to inner self and higher consciousness.
- Opportunity to step away from daily routine and reconnect.

What's Included:
Ayahuasca Ceremonies
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session
Group Meditation
Spiritual Teaching

Directions and Travel

Book your flight to Jose Maria Córdova International Airport (MDE). Group Airport Drop-off and Send-off Available, ask for more detail before booking. Uber: Around 1h 40min

Retreat Features and Activities

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