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Vagus Nerve Reset Spring Equinox Yoga Residential Retreat

Learn to Reset Your Nervous System& Discover Ways to Heal Your Vagal Nerve. Through Yoga, Sound Healing, Breath Work, Guided Meditation, Wild Swimming Optional


Are you in need of finding practical, supportive and nurturing ways to help you release trauma and tension from your nervous system. Saira will guide you through a three day Vagus Nerve Reset & Healing Retreat, packed with information and hands on ways to help yourself, plus ideas and inspiration for taking the wisdom we work with together, home with you to integrate it into your daily life.
Hatha Yoga for ALL Abilities
Restorative Yoga
Vagus Nerve Reset Workshops
Nervous System Healing Workshop
Integrating a Nervous System Reset into your Day to Day Life Workshop
Powerful Deep Clearing Healing Meditation
Inner Child Release Deep Healing Meditation
Reset & Healing Videos to use at home
Reset & Healing Manual to keep
Heavenly Sound Healing Gong Bath
Wild Swimming

Directions and Travel

Easy access by train and taxi from Axminster Station on the main Waterloo line

Retreat Features and Activities


Mar 19 2024 - Mar 21 2024


From £399pp

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