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Reconnect to your Soul Purpose


Are you ready to rediscover your true self and embrace your unique gifts?
Join us for a transformative 3-day retreat where you'll:
Reconnect with your inner truth
Uncover your soul's purpose
Learn to live authentically and joyfully
Why This Retreat?
Find clarity in a world of chaos
Align your life with your heart's calling
Tap into ancestral wisdom and healing
Embrace your unique gifts and share them with the world
What to Expect:
Storytelling to explore your life's deeper meaning
Movement, color, and sound to heal and inspire
Shamanic rituals to connect with your inner wisdom
Constellation work to honor your ancestors and reclaim your path
Breathwork and restorative practices to nurture your soul
A supportive community to witness and celebrate your journey

Eco Practices

this is an eco friendly and intentional place, where many precious gatherings happens to raise consciousness

Retreat Features and Activities

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