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Fall Wellness Retreat at So-Cal Beach House

Coming Back to You - A Weekend of Personal Growth


Do you lie awake in the late night hours of trying to fall asleep and find yourself asking uncomfortable and seemingly unanswerable questions? “Am I happy…do I feel fulfilled…why do I feel lonely…what happens in this next chapter?” Your acceptable coping habits of eating, drinking, shopping, working, sleeping, exercising, etc. are not answering these questions. The simple but powerful truth is that all of these answers lie within you and once you start quieting your mind and body and listening to your soul, you’ll find a coming back to yourself, a knowing that has been there all along. We provide a space and tools for this inward journey. Our retreats strike the balance between teaching universal concepts that are true for every soul and encouraging and providing individual experiences.

Directions and Travel

By air travel, there are 2 airports close to us: LAX (Los Angeles Airport) which is 62 miles south of the retreat & SBA (Santa Barbara Airport) which is 47 miles north of Oxnard. The main highway access is the 101 Freeway exiting on Victoria Ave. and heading south.

Retreat Features and Activities

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