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Wild Weekend Retreat - Rewild

Get out of your head and into nature. This land has been allowed to rest, relax, restore, and rewild. This weekend is an invitation for you to do the same.


An invitation to slow down and reconnect, to deepen your knowledge of the natural world and how to live in conversation with it. With immersive experiences designed to foster a sense of spaciousness, peace, and profound belonging.
• 2 nights accommodation
• All meals & snacks
• Food, Fire & Forest experience
• Guided 'Land, Food & Medicine' walk with foraging
• Guided beaver and wildlife walk
• Wild swimming & woodland sauna
• Grounding mindfulness practice
• 2-hour giving back to the earth session
*Please bear in mind that we work in harmony with the land. Our programming will adjust seasonally to provide the best experience at the time.


We do have properties which support those with limited movement, however the land is rural and may be a difficult terrain

Eco Practices

42 Acres was first conceived in 2015 by siblings Lara and Seth Tabatznik as a home for personal, social and environmental change. At its core, 42 Acres continues to invite people to reconnect with nature, self and others but has now grown to offer so much more including a range of wellbeing and nature based experiences and events, a regenerative farm and an abundant nature reserve. We aim to go beyond being sustainable into what we call regenerative, which means being carbon negative and biodiversity positive. Put simply, we aim to leave the earth in better shape than when we found it–not only for us but for generations to come. Our regenerative, hyper-local and simple food demonstrates a way of eating that continues the traditions of the past and supports our shared future.

Directions and Travel

Our beautiful 173 acre site is nestled in the countryside. ‍Both of our wellbeing retreat centres sit on this same land, but each has a separate entrance, so please be sure which centre you're coming to before you set off: Our address is: 42 Acres Holt Road Witham Friary Frome

Retreat Features and Activities

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Sep 06 2024 - Sep 08 2024


From £350 PP

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