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Midsummer Magic // Women's Photography Retreat in Arctic Sweden

Disconnect from the chaos of the day-to-day and lean into a wilder, simpler way of being, while embracing the wisdom of indigenous culture and learning to see beauty everywhere


Imagine a crackling campfire under an open sky. It's late in the evening and the sun is still showering the untamed surroundings in a soft golden glow while you sit there, engulfed in conversations with a group of like-minded women.
You have just finished a delicious dinner after a day hike through dreamy mountains and old-growth forests and the sauna is about to get warm.
Perhaps you will be lured out into the river for a cold plunge in the light of the midnight sun, before crawling under the blanket in your warm, comfortable bed to the sound of nothing but the wind and the birds.
When you're lying there about to fall asleep, it hits you that you didn't check your socials once that day. Not because your phone died, but because you were so busy being present, with all your senses.

Eco Practices

Our home during these days is located right in mighty Laponia; a giant unpoiled land area above the arctic circle in Sweden. To some this part of the world is known as Swedish Lapland, but to the indigenous people that have been looking after these lands for countless generations it is known as Sápmi.
Here mountains, old-growth forests, glaciers and enormous wetlands spread over thousands of square kilometres. Nestled in the middle of it all you'll find Sápmi Nature - a charming off grid eco camp, founded by Lennart Pittja. He is of indigenous heritage himself and will be our host, welcoming us into his world during these days.
This off-grid camp has been listed by National Geographic as one of the world’s most spectacular and sustainable places to stay if you care about the planet.

Retreat Features and Activities

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Jun 09 2023 - Jun 11 2023


From €990

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