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Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine, Teacher Training 300h valid for 500h YAI

Begin your journey to discover your true nature. Understanding the phenomena of life by freeing ourselves from belief systems and acquired patterns no longer functional for health.


300-hour Yoga Therapy course to obtain the 500h Master Yoga Teacher YAI-Certificate
While in India it has always been an intrinsic value of yogic practices to have a positive effect on the practitioner’s state of health, in the West, in recent decades, there has been a desire to give a certain impulse to this aspect, and today yoga therapy represents a valid synthesis between the ancient wisdom of the East and the most recent knowledge of complementary medicine, biomechanics and posturology of the West. The complementary nature of yoga and integrative medicine is reflected in their common goal of releasing stagnant energy in meridian systems and their related organs or blood. While yoga provides a format for releasing blockage,

Eco Practices

Our location is immersed in an environment of particular value and beauty. The island is a UNESCO heritage site. We take great care to ensure that our activities have as little impact on the environment as possible.
Great care is also taken in the selection of raw materials with which we prepare our meals, and for this purpose we collaborate with companies and the local population.

Directions and Travel

You can find a direct flight to Mytilene from some European cities or fly to Athens and from there take another flight to the island. There are also ferries that arrive to the island from Athens.

Retreat Features and Activities

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