Retreats for people who have, or are recovering from, cancerPuyssentut is a retreat centre in Gascony in South West France which specialises in retreats for people who have, or are recovering from, cancer. Its ‘Restore and Revitalise’ retreats provide a haven for guests to rest, recuperate and re-energise. The hope is that guests will strengthen physically, mentally and emotionally to get through the remainder of their treatment with as few symptoms as possible; find space to reflect, take stock and consider their priorities, and leave feeling better prepared and equipped to re-enter daily life.

Puyssentut was established by Dirk-Karel de Geus and Angela Wood 3 years ago, who were inspired to offer a caring, supportive, healing environment after witnessing the impact of cancer and its treatment on friends.

Teams of specialised, highly experienced therapists offer a programme of yoga, meditation, complementary treatments, talks and delicious, nutritious food balanced to the needs of people with cancer. In between the activities there is plenty of time to rest and enjoy walks in the gently rolling Gascon hills.

Feedback from guests has been very encouraging:
Yay! I’ve finished my chemo! No side effects at all from the last 3 doses. I’m sure the Puyssenut effect has helped me sail through it!” Carl
“I could never have believed I could feel this way after a week. My body, soul and heart feel revitalised. So fabulous to feel so happy again!”
“It is truly a transformative experience.” Jane

In fact guests have been so enthusiastic to learn more about what’s on offer at Puyssentut, particularly about the food, that Dirk and Angela have just introduced ‘Hands on Health’ cookery retreats. Also in response to demand these retreats are open to everyone, not just those with cancer. The aim is to equip guests with knowledge, techniques, recipes and confidence to cook ‘holistically’ at home.

‘Spring into Summer’ is the theme of the up-coming Hands on Health retreat, from 9-14th May 2016.
The focus will be on gently detoxing the liver, gall bladder and kidneys to prepare the body to fully harness the abundance of Spring-time energy. In addition to learning why, how and what to cook to keep in tip top health guests will enjoy yoga, massage and energy treatments, meditation, relaxation sessions and of course some fabulous food.
Book for the Spring into Summer cookery and detox retreat before 7 March 2016 at the special price of EUR795. Normal booking price is EUR875.

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