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22 Days Yoga Immersion Retreat with self-awareness workshops in Bali

Energy and spiritual aspects of yoga: Hatha, Kundalini, Sound & Energy Healing Course, Self-awareness games, Meditation, Asana Geometry, Energy Anatomy, Ayurveda


This corse is for you if you:
- practice yoga and would like to learn yoga more from energy and spiritual side
- teach yoga, but would like to implement different interesting approaches and tools into your classes
- would like to discover self-awareness practices and healing techniques
The syllabus includes:
* Morning Hatha Yoga routine
* Energy Anatomy and Ayurveda Basic
* Asana Geometry
* Sound Healing course
* Self-awareness games (Leela, Points of You, Osho Reading, Metaphoric Cards)
* Energy Healing course
* Kundalini Yoga
* Meditations
During your stay you will have 2 long SPA treatments, weekend tours. Transfer is included both way.

Yoga Styles

Establish daily disciplin

During the Retreat you will practice different yoga styles: Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditations
Kundalini Yoga is something that everyone speaks or hears about but never try. It is time to go to another level of practice. Discover a beauty of Kundalini Yoga, its healing and emotions cleansing powers and get some tips how to incorporate this practice into your daily routine or into your classes.
Dynamic and static exercises, breathing meditations, chanting mantras, practicing mudras, there are so many interesting tool that you can use to improve your yoga!

Yoga Styles

Energy anatomy

Learn energy structure of a human being

This course will have 3 main topics:
1. Chakras in a human being
Learn different characteristics of each chakra on the physical, spiritual and emotional level; different tools to balance chakras
2. Energy bodies of conscious
Lean tantric numerology and how to understand one's self through 10 energy bodies
3. Basic Ayurveda knowledge
Get basic knowledge of the most ancient holistic health approach

Asana Geometry

Sacret geometry inside your body

During the program you will attend 3 Asana Workshops. We will look at poses from the Ashtanga lineage, break them down and investigate. Pay attention to the details in your practice: sometime a simple thing makes a big difference. Look, notice, correct! Practice, feel, improve!

Sound Healing Course

Learn different basic sound healing techniques

You will learn sound healing and how easily incorporate it into your practice and classes. Singing bowls, sound massage, gong meditations, and sound bath. Experience and learn!

Sound Healing Course

Self-awareness practice

Investigate different self-awareness practice to incorporate them into your yoga

We will introduce you a few self-awareness techniques, just to open your consciousness about a wide range of tool that you can incorporate into your yoga classes and daily yoga practice to make them more interesting, attractive and deep.
* Leela Game
* Osho Tarot Cards Reading
* Points of You coaching game
* Aromadiagnostics
* Metaphoric Cards

Self-awareness practice

Tantric Meditations

Investigate what Tantra means in reality

Tantra is a conscious practice of find a union between male and female aspects, and first of all - inside yourself. Practice in pairs is a grate experience not only for couples but for anyone who would like to see one's own reflection through other person. We will introduce an ancient tradition of yoga of white tantra for meditations in pairs.

Tantric Meditations

Energy Healing Course

Use wisdom of energy healing in holding your class space

How to make your students feel safe during the practice?
How to bring them deeper into meditation?
How to keep safe environment during the class?
How to create attractive energy for your classes?
How to heal people through conducting the class?
How to keep your energy unlimited giving maximum to others?
Learn ancient wisdom of Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Energy Technique.

Energy Healing Course


Choose to stay in our retreat center or local hotel

The Retreat Center is our main venue where we conduct all yoga classes and activities. 1,5 km from the beach and city center. The center is located on the hill and you have to take 108 steps to go up. Most of the rooms are located at the top level, and all the main facilities like open air yoga shala, restaurant, infinity pool with a sea view, lounde deck, and a gift shop. Rooms with shared bathroom and ceiling fans; 1 private bungalow with private bathroom, kitchen, and jacuzzi pool.
SPA center with sauna is at the bottom level as well.
The hotel is our second venue. Location 600 m from the beach and city center. Free transfer is organized. Facilities:
-Yoga shala
-SPA center
-Lounge pool
-Rooms with AC and private bathrooms.


Excursions included

Take a break and enjoy tours around North Bali

Every Saturday join group excursions:
Dolphins adventure tour is a unique change to see and snorkle with dolphins in a wild nature. It is absolutely safe for you and for animals. You will leave your heart in the sea!
One day we are going to spend with yoga and meditation at the Holy Santhipala Waterfall. We will conduct a purification ceremony there.
Enjoy snorkeling on bio rock and swimming on white sandy beach in Pemuteran area.
Lovina is famous for the Holy Hot Spings rich with serum that gives them healing power if you are suffering with arthritis or sore muscles. After hot springs you will visit the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali - Brahma Vihara Arama.
Visit the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali in Lemukih village.

Excursions included


Take into consideration that the Retreat Center is located on the top of the rock, so you have to climb 108 stairs to reach the top level, where most of rooms, yoga shala, infinity pool and restaurant are located.

Eco Practices

Our Retreat Center is a unique place buit on the top of the rock from second hand wood. We don't use airconditioning, but it is not hot, because of the wind and many open spaces. We try to reduce plastic usage in our place, so please bring your bottle for water refill.

Opening Times and Prices

This course you can join all year around. Course starts every Sunday.

Directions and Travel

Pick up from Ngurah Rai Airport (Denpasar, Bali) is included.
To arrive to Indonesia you have to be fully vaccinated and have PCR test 48 hour before departure.
42 countries are able to enter Bali with visa on arrival. If your country is not in the list, please contact Santhika Retreat Center for more information about application for e-visa.
Visa application take up to 14 days. Documents for visa:
- passaport valid at least 6 months after arrival date
- vaccination certificate
- selfie picture
- ticket

Retreat Features and Activities

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