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Anxiety and Depression Recovery Retreat October 19th-21st

October 19-21st 2021. Calm your mind, feel better and healthier within yourself and light your inner zest again without feeling alone anymore.


The retreat will provide you with the tools to manage negative thoughts, a space to be you and develop coping strategies for Anxiety and Depression. You will come away understanding your difficulties and have a clear plan to help you move forward with a feeling of newness and peace of mind as well as confidence in yourself and the tools you have gained. Connection and inspiration from likeminded people, who have been where you are before and understand, will help you to not feel so alone with your struggles.

The retreat is held at the amazing Brooklands Barn in Arundel, West Sussex. You will have your own room, space to reflect during the retreat as well as the opportunity to use the pool and sauna on site.

Next retreat 19th-21st October 2021. Spaces available.

Relaxation and support

A friendly team in a non judgemental setting with ongoing support post retreat

The retreat will support you to move forward in life if you are struggling with Anxiety and Depression. You will come away with key skills to manage your thoughts and emotions as well as having the opportunity to be away from all the stresses and strains of life to reflect and re evaluate where you are in your life. Vanessa and her team will guide you through this process. Following the retreat, as an option, you can receive 3 months of ongoing coaching to support you to implement everything that you learn on the retreat. We provide a 1-1 session prior to the retreat with a counsellor to guide you through the process and explore any key areas you need or want to address.

Relaxation and support

MIndfulness and CBT

MIndfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help you manage negative thoughts

We will work with you to help you to overcome your negative thoughts and develop techniques to deal with overwhelm. We will show you techniques to bring compassion into your life so you feel happy and have better relationships both with yourself and others. You will experience a variety of mindfulness techniques to support you to have peace of mind, and feel calmer.
This is a safe space with likeminded people.

MIndfulness and CBT


Gentle yoga that provides healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Our yoga teachers all have personal experience of anxiety and depression so are very attuned to your needs and tailor the session specifically for this purpose. The yoga sessions are physically gentle and can be adapted for all physical needs. Yoga provides you with a sense of wellbeing, and helps to build self esteem and confidence. It supports you to balance your moods and feel generally rested and rejuvenated. JJ, your yoga teacher on this retreat, balances the body movements with a positive mindset. His warm and enthusiastic teaching style helps you to overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back.



Understand you, build your self worth and be amongst people who understand

JJ Van Zon, spiritual coach and Vanessa Wallace, psychotherapist, are highly skilled in running group sessions. You will feel truly at home and supported in the safety of Brooklands Barn and also able to have time to talk about how you feel as well as learn some key skills in managing anxiety and depression.

We work with your inner critic to help you become more positive about life, we help you to build your self worth and value yourself. We help you to manage your depression and anxiety so that you can function and be happier on a daily basis.

You will gain key techniques to remove negative thought patterns that drag you down. You can explore what you need to help you feel better. All programmes are individually tailored to your needs.


Relaxation and Fun

Time to recharge and relax as well as enjoy some laughter, fun and you time

We aim to make your experience fun and relaxing as well as taking a serious concern for addressing anxieties and feelings of depression and healing you as a person. We pace the retreat according to your needs which we take great concern to find out through a 1-1 session prior to the retreat. You will find yourself laughing and crying perhaps on this retreat but certainly having a connection and lifted spirit after the 3 days with us.

The grounds of Brooklands are both tranquil and spacious, there is a swimming pool and sauna for you to relax in as well as time to take a trip to the seafront if you like, or Arundel castle is also an amazing sight to take in.

In the evening we relax around an open fire for chats and games, this is optional.

Relaxation and Fun

Connection and Support

Connection with like minded people who understand you and do not judge

A benefit of a retreat is the opportunity to connect with likeminded people. By sharing with others you can eliminate any sense of isolation and loneliness that often comes with Anxiety and Depression. Our vision is that all participants will come away feeling a sense of being heard for their difficulties and to know that they are not alone. Often our clients keep in contact with each other following the retreat.
Group sessions are facilitated by Vanessa Wallace and her psychotherapeutic team bringing a family feel to the whole retreat and safety to share and be open about your feelings.
There is also opportunity for 1-1 sessions with a psychotherapist.

Connection and Support

Your Vision and Values

Explore who you are and what you want in life to come away with clarity

We support and guide you through your journey on the retreat and provide you with the tools to take your life forward with hope and excitement. We explore with you your values and how working with these supports you to be more content and at peace in life. Tapping into our creativity is a source of inner healing, this is different for everyone but helps us to explore and find solutions, empowering and enhancing our ongoing lives.
We guide you through this process enabling you to understand and feel connected with your true needs as well as developing a plan of how to bring these forward as new goals for your wellbeing.

Your Vision and Values

Resources and support

Workbook, other resources and instructions

You will be guided through the whole experience with a workbook and reading recommendations (not compulsory). We are available for questions you may have about the retreat throughout your stay with us. It is vitally important to us that you join feeling as comfortable as possible so you can start to learn effectively and get the best therapeutic experience from the retreat. We are available in between the groups to make sure everything is going ok for you and you will experience good telephone contact and support in the build up to the retreat.

Resources and support

One to one CBT coaching

1-1 sessions prior to the retreat and post retreat

We provide 1-1 sessions prior to the retreat, on request, and for 3 months after the retreat if required. The sessions will be with Vanessa Wallace who is an expert and highly experienced Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Coach skilled in Cognitive programming, mindfulness and self compassion techniques. Vanessa supports her clients to transform their lives finding the peace of mind and balance that they need to move forward with productivity, better relationships and the tools to manage their thoughts and emotions.

The sessions can be held over Skype, zoom or the telephone dependent on your preference.

One to one CBT coaching

Covid measures

Covid safety measures will be in place throughout the retreat

We are in we are highly aware of our responsibility to keep our clients as safe as possible during these current times. We work very closely with the venue and caterers to adhere to all government Covid guidelines at the time of running our retreats.

These guidelines will include restrictions on numbers attending, thorough cleansing procedures, social distancing, hand cleansing facilities as well as temperature checking.

Opening Times and Prices

We start at 10am (arrivals and refreshments at 9.30am) on 19th October

The retreat concludes at 5.30pm on the 21st October.

Please arrange a call to discuss prices and retreat package. All applications are followed by an introductory and exploratory call so we can make sure we are providing you with the retreat that is absolutely right for you at this time.

If these dates and location are not suitable for you we have other retreats running in 2022. Please do contact for details if you are interested or visit the website.

Available as well online workshops on Self Belief and Resilience.

Directions and Travel

Good transport links from London to Arundel train station. Taxi station at Arundel station to the venue which is well known by taxi drivers.

Located within close to Arundel town, and neighbouring beaches.

Access from London via A3, A23 and A27. Directions and support available with accommodation locally if required.

Retreat Features and Activities

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