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Get Unstuck in Two Days Individual Bespoke Retreat with Jessica McGregor Johnson

Do you feel stuck and unsure how to move forward in your life? Would you like to work out what needs to change, and how? Is a private retreat is your perfect answer?


These individual private retreats are designed to take you away from all your distractions and focus on finding the answers to move you forward. Set in the mountains in the Alpujarras in Southern Spain, we stay in a private house that creates our own safe space so we can delve deep into the root cause of the issue and focus on getting you unstuck and empowered to move forward.

No matter where you are in life or how stuck you are feeling sometimes the quickest and most efficient way to make change is to step away from your life and look at it anew. The retreat isn’t just about ‘talking’ and unraveling problems, you’ll walk away with a clear feeling about who you are, what is important in your life and a plan so you can continue the journey towards feeling fulfilled and happy.

What's included

Your two day, three night retreat includes:

- Free transportation to and from Malaga or Granada airport and around the local area.
- Accommodation and all meals.
- A morning guided meditation.
- A massage on the afternoon of the first day.
- A minimum of six hours individual bespoke coaching in the morning and late afternoon of both days focused purely on your intention for your retreat.
- The coaching is focused on you and your life questions. As well as defining the future you want, you will learn a selection of tools to support you in moving forward, along with an action plan to take home and roll out your new life.
- If you mention you saw me on The Retreat Company website you will receive ecopies of both of my books: The Right T-Shirt and Remembering Perfection.
- Dietary requirements can be catered for.

What's included


Time for reflection.

During your stay there will be plenty of time just for you. As well as a lovely massage you'll have time to connect and explore your environment, you can take silent walks in the afternoon, or you can just hang out in the garden and be still with yourself. These times are key to your retreat to give you the time and space to reconnect to yourself and create the environment for your insights to arise.

On the second day of the retreat we can also take a walk up in the mountains if you like walking. Walking and talking can create many ah-ha moments and the scenery is just fabulous!.


Follow-on Coaching

Ensure the plan you take home gets rolled out.

You'll have the opportunity to have follow-on coaching sessions after your retreat. They are designed to ensure that the ideas and plans you created on retreat are nurtured and do get put into your everyday life. It is all too easy to go home and get engulfed by life and all the great plans get put onto the back burner again.

We can discuss your personal needs on the retreat to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Follow-on Coaching

How do we get started?


The first thing is for us to have a chat to discuss what’s going on your life. Where you’re stuck, why the retreat is of interest to you and what you hope to get out of it. You also get the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have about how the retreat works.

If you're interested and we both agree the retreat is the right thing for you, we’ll book in dates and I will send you an agreement and joining information for your retreat.

If you are coming to the Spanish retreat the fee includes transfers to and from Malaga airport, accommodation and all meals.

If you choose a virtual retreat you can go on a retreat either in the comfort of your own home or you can go somewhere lovely in your own country to take the time out. The format is very similar.

How do we get started?


What other's say...

"In less than two days with Jessica she helped me understand my needs and values and I learned that happiness, for me, is having those needs met and living and working in a way that is aligned with my values. In my decades on this planet, I had not learned these basic truths about myself." E.W.

"Working with Jessica was a life-changing experience for me. I traveled 1000's of miles after chatting with her only once, and embarked on an incredible journey of self-discovery with her. The retreat itself was like an amazing reboot of my brain and I felt like I reconnected with the person I truly was." A.M.

For more testimonials go to https://bit.ly/35wndWf


About me

Who are you going to be spending two days with!

When I was 31 I thought I had everything I ever wanted. I had the husband, the car, a successful stable job, the thatched cottage with the roses over the door, the multiple holidays. I had everything that was supposed to make me happy, but it didn’t. I felt completely stuck and alone and angry that after all the effort I was deeply unfulfilled and unhappy. In July 1991 I had the courage to say ‘enough’ to myself, that there must be more to life than this and I’ve never looked back since.

What started off as a personal journey of discovery ended up becoming my life’s work. Everyday I wake up feeling blessed that I get to guide, mentor and support people to connect to their heart, discover what they truly want and go out and live it.

I'd love to help you too.

About me


The main house does not have wheelchair access. However if the retreat is appealing to you and you are not sure it is suitable do contact me to discuss options as it may be possible to use a house with better access.

Eco Practices

Spain has finally caught up with the world and so all rubbish is recycled. Local produce is also use when available - especially the lovely freshly squeezed orange juice. And don't forget the local spring water - straight from the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Opening Times and Prices

You can book on dates to suit you, both week days and weekends are possible. We will discuss the best time for you to come when we have our initial chat. You will arrive in the afternoon of the first day and we will drive up into the mountains. You will then have two full days on retreat before leaving in the morning of the fourth day.

The price for the retreat is €3960 ex VAT (VAT only payable if you are resident in the EU)

Directions and Travel

You can arrive at Malaga or Granada Airport and we will travel up to the Alpujarras to one of the traditional white villages called Bubion. Transfers are included in the price - all you need to do is get yourself to Spain!

Retreat Features and Activities

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