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Corporate Silent Retreats in Spain & Europe

Bespoke corporate silent retreats in nature anywhere in Europe


We understand that employee mental health and wellbeing is not the same across industries and teams, therefore we listen to your challenges and provide tailor-made wellness retreats to suit your needs. It all begins with a conversation. We get to know your business and then start creating an all-inclusive silent corporate retreat that will accomplish your goals. Our small dedicated team have been working together for over 8 years creating retreats in Spain and Europe. We specialize in mental wellbeing through silence. We take all technology away and ask people to move in silence throughout the day. Movement exercises, art projects and seated meditations are introduced to make the experience more profound. The reflection during silence for the participants of the company is astounding.

Experts in Silence

Bespoke retreats throughout Europe

The Silent Focus team are experts in silence and corporate retreats. We are able to use this location for a small group or any other location in Europe for up to 100 people. We listen produce and strive for excellence.

The side effects of the retreat are often felt weeks and even months after leaving, and your employees will feel refreshed, focused and ready for what life has to offer them at home and at work.


Benefits of Corporate Silent Retreats

A corporate silent retreat can add value to your incentive and wellness programs by providing a plethora of benefits to your employees’ mental health as well as improve productivity of the business.

The 9 employee benefits of silent retreat for businesses are:

Increased focus and attention
Connection to yourself and your coworkers
Gratitude and happiness
Solutions to problems or objectives
A renewed sense of energy and excitement to go back to your life
Time in silence
Feeling calm and refreshed
Healthy diet and increased mental health and wellbeing
Creative ideas flourish


The Food

The Benefits of a Sattvic Diet

Plant-based meals will be prepared by the Silent Focus team or hotel catering, according to Sattvic principles (from Ayurveda), which aid meditation and digestion. Sattvic food is vegan and does not contain caffeine, onion, garlic, hot spices or processed sugar, that stimulates the mind or hinders digestion. We try and limit gluten as well. Please let us know of any food allergies you might have when you sign up.

The Food

Typical Day

7:15 – Pranayama (breathing)
7:30 – Meditation
8:15 – Yoga
9:30 – Breakfast
11:00 – Meditation
12:00 – Art Project or Silent Brain storming
14:00 – Lunch
16:00 – Meditation
17:00 – Yoga Nidra
17:30 – Silent Hike
19:00 – Dinner
20:30 – Fire Burning Ceremony – Removing fears or setting intentions
21:30 – Meditation at the Fire

Typical Day

Retreat Activities

Select from Various Activities

Feel free to include any of the following activities in your corporate silent retreat:
Silent Hike
Team Building
Cooking classes
Leadership seminar
Silent Brainstorming
Ecstatic Meditation
Self Massage
Fire Burning Ceremony
Art Projects
If the participants are remote workers, we suggest having some team building exercises or a meeting and a meal together before going into silence. This will encourage connection amongst your staff and make everyone feel more comfortable. We can add in other activities as requested.

Retreat Activities

Eco Practices

All the locations we use and food we buy is local and sustainable. If this is very important to you we can also provide organic and eco hotels at your request.

Opening Times and Prices

Times are based on what you prefer but we tend to start in the afternoon as many people fly in and leave after breakfast and the closing ceremony.
Prices are based on the requests by the client but it goes from around 700€-1500€ per person per day.

Directions and Travel

From El prat airport about 1 hour and 15min by car. We can provide transportation or it is possible to either rent a car or go by taxi for approximately 170€ each way.

Retreat Features and Activities

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