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Create Your Own Retreat with Wellness Wales, Snowdonia National Park

What would you like to do, how long would you like to stay and when can you come?


We are Sam and Ollie of Wellness Wales. Our dream has been to create a venue where people can slow down and look after what they need from the inside out. We have packages for all budgets and experience.
Choose either:
Our "led retreat" (where we co-create the best program with you)
Our “self-led retreat” (where we offer you the space to rest, nurture and practice on your own. You can even bring a few people with you!)

Should we co-create with you, Breathwork, meditation, body led therapy, Pilates, sports massage and rehabilitative therapy are available.
When you like to come, how long for and what you would like to do?

Reformer Pilates

Whole body health, fitness and flexibility (with a twist)

Should restoring youth and vitality be on the agenda, then you will be working with Ollie on both the mat and reformer using Classical Pilates. Pilates is famous for helping everyone, from the fit and active to the less fit and active, strengthen, tone and restore balance to their bodies.
Practice Benefits:
- Strengthen and tone muscles
- Improve cardiovascular and respiratory health and flexibility
- Heal from injury, trauma and surgery.
- Flush toxins stored in your body.
Oliver has studied with some of the great Pilates teachers of this generation including The Taylor Sisters, Blossom Leilani Crawford and Linda Zurak. If you are up for it, Ollie will happily weave some Breathwork and Body Led Therapy into your session for a less-than-ordinary experience.

Reformer Pilates

Sports Massage

Mobilise, Strengthen and Balance

If you are looking to relieve tension, improve movement and boost whole body circulation, then Sports Massage with Sam will be essential! Trained in Sports Massage to ITEC level 3 and with over five years of bodywork experience, Sam uses (near psychic) assessment and intuition to heal scar tissue, improve function and restore alignment.
Benefits of Sports Massage.
- Improve mobility
- Strengthen and balance muscles and coordination
- Relieve stress and anxiety,
- Improve blood flow help nourish your body and aid the removal of waste from the body.

Sports Massage


Process your past. Transform your present. Empower your future.

Breathwork is, quite simply, remarkable. Where do you hold back in life and why have you been putting up with less anything less than awe-inspiring? If you are looking to discover answers to these questions, then Breathwork is for you.
We approach breathing differently at Nant Heddwch. Rather than engaging specific techniques, we start by exploring how YOU breathe. Written in your patterns of breath are unique features. Much like a finger print, your breath tells a story and signposts where it would "like to go". For some, restoring breathing function is important while, for others, anomalies and eccentricities are followed and encouraged. What ever direction we take, rest assured, you will be offered the opportunity to process your past, transform your present and empower your future.


Body Led Psychotherapy

Heal trauma. Cultivate authenticity. Harness YOUR extraordinary.

Love it, loathe it (or keep your distance from it!) most of us have an idea about therapy. Body Led Psychotherapy is different to the usual talk based therapies. In a session, rather than focusing on exploring your mind, Body Led work focuses on your body's "story". What does your body have to say? What would it share about your past and how might it explain your interpretation of the world and the decisions you make?

Inviting your body to be part of the process opens up a rich, powerful and (most importantly) embodied way of working. Somatic Therapy (as it is also known) helps us discover how our strengths might be holding us back and how our vulnerabilities might just hold the keys to our greatest strengths!

Is it time to harness your extraordinary?

Body Led Psychotherapy

Live-In Transformation

Combining Practice and Technique for Intuitive, Rapid Change.

Where are you currently in your health and wellbeing or, more importantly, where you would like to be?

If you are interested in taking yourself to the next level in your journey, we recommend our "Live in Transformation” program. This is where Ollie and Sam work together with you to create the ultimate programme of healing and transformation. Working as a team and using a specialist toolkit of practices and techniques you can request to work for up to five hours of sessions a day. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unwind, undo, un-everything!

Get in touch to find out how our Live in Transformation Program might work for you.

Live-In Transformation


If you have specific accessibility requirements, get in contact to see how we can help.

Eco Practices

Where possible, all cleaning products are eco-friendly and food locally sourced. We have also removed ALL non reusable plastic.

Opening Times and Prices

We are open 10 months of the year from March to December.
Prices start from £75 per night (room only) up to £410 per night. All retreats are bespoke but here are our three most popular packages.
1. Essentials Retreat: spacious ensuite room, all meals and refreshments + 2.5 hours one to one work. Price £220 per night. *Promotion! Book this package before end of May 2023 and pay only £160 per night.
2. Live in Transformation: spacious ensuite bedroom, all meals and refreshments, 5 hours of one to one work per day and one sauna session. Price £350 per night.
3. Diamond Retreat: spacious ensuite bedroom, diet tailored to specific needs, access to sauna and lazy spa each day and luxury bath products sourced from local artisans.

Discounts available for each package with group bookings.

Directions and Travel

Happy to help where we can. If travelling under your own steam, give us a call to see what is possible.

By car: Turn off the A487 to Garndolbenmaen.

By bus: Head to "Nant Heddwch" on T2 Bus from Aberystwyth/Porthmadog/Bangor

By Train: Take the train to Bangor Station. Catch the T2 bus to Nant Heddwch

By Air: Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Mid Wales Airport. Private airfields available on both Anglesea and Harlech

By Boat: Ferries from Holyhead and Mersey Ferries. Head to Bangor station and then take the T2 bus to Nant Heddwch. There is also a marina at Porthmadog from where you can take a taxi or catch the T2 bus to Nant Heddwch

By horse: Ride to Nant Heddwch and tie your horse to the bus stop just outside : )

Retreat Features and Activities

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