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Crossroads Retreat: Here to guide you through those moments you feel stuck

Are you living the life you want to be? Are you sensing the need for change, or feeling like you're just unable to move forward?


Here at The Good Way, our retreats create the space for you to find the peace, clarity and wisdom needed when you feel stuck at a crossroad in your life.
Through 20 years of experience guiding people through major transitions, we have developed a set of tools and practices tailored to moments you need help to move forward in moments of:
DISSATISFACTION - Do you feel parts of your life no longer bring you the fulfilment they once did, do you find yourself saying, ‘there must be more than this.’
LOSS - This may be a break-up, or a bereavement. It also may be a change in your health or a realisation something was not as you once hoped or perceived.
BURNOUT - Modern life is manic, always on and at times head-melting. It’s ok to feel like you have no more left to give.

Opening Times and Prices

We currently run our retreats once a month, from locations in London and Oxford.

Price is £320 for one night accommodation and full board

We limit each retreat to just 8 places, with two experienced guides, so you are guaranteed the level of personal attention you need.

Retreat Features and Activities

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