Dynamic-Perceptions: Personal development and healing retreats and workshops

Emotional freedom and Life changing retreats workshops for the mind-body-soul, for groups and individuals, in Spain and the UK

We offer life changing empowering retreats for small groups and personalised retreats for individuals and couples, both in the UK and Spain.
We combine many healing disciplines of the ancient traditions with the modern processes of personal development; together with more than 25 years of practice; to offer you the best possible self-healing and development retreat experience you could ever have. We offer two unique retreats: Emotional Freedom & Empowerment retreat, and the Ultimate Personal Development Programme; and workshops in Huna -Ancient Hawaiian energy healing.
We offer you the opportunity to come explore, understand, learn, heal and experience YOU, as you really are, because we believe that only then can you better understand and interact with others.

Retreat Features and Activities

Coaching / Life CoachingDivorce RecoveryEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT)HealingHypnotherapyMeditationNeuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)Personal DevelopmentSelf DiscoveryWorkshopsSpiritual

Emotional Freedom & Empowerment Retreat

Do you wish you could learn and understand how emotions influence every aspect of your life so that you can be in control of the emotions rather than let emotions dominate your life?
Do you want to learn and experience techniques and processes of handling negative emotions and clear them?
Do you want to learn how to better manage (rather than supress) emotions so that you can minimize their impact on your life?
Do you want to join a very small group in a comfortable and safe, nurturing environment working on the same outcomes as you?
If the answer is YES and you want to make a commitment to yourself to do something about it rather than just wishing, then this retreat may be for you.

Emotional Freedom

The Ultimate Personal Development Programme - Awakening the body mind and soul

This retreat is an intensive and one of its kind developed by Marion Dias (based on her book). It involves working on yourself at a very deep level. It is in fact a journey to the core or the true nature of your being, through the body, mind to the soul. It is an exciting journey of exploration, discovery, understanding and learning to heal all three aspects of your being, discover and serve your true purpose in life as a whole-being.
Due to the intense nature of this 10 days programme, it is offered in Modules to enable you to integrate the work at different levels and building up step by step to the next level.
Modular 1 – August 2018 UK (see website for details)
Want to have more control over your life rather than living others’ dreams created for you? Come Join us.

Personal Development

Private – One two One retreats for personal healing and transformation

We can offer personalised retreats to cater for your specific issues including healing up painful emotions, memories, inner-child work, clearing unhealthy beliefs, broken relationships, anxiety & depression. Depending on your requirements, such retreats can be of 3 to 7 days duration. It is good to have timeout to love and care for yourself.
This is one of our most popular retreats and they can be arranged any time during the year.
If you have any unresolved emotions or any that have troubled you for many years despite many different treatments, we suggest a private retreat as no therapy is offered in the group retreats and for your own comfort and well- being.

One two One retreats

Workshops in UK: Huna – Hawaiian Energy Healing

Huna is the ancient Hawaiian understanding of life, energy and healing, believed to be from the one original wisdom that was originally existed around the planet. The ancient Hawaiians knew how to harness the energy from nature and to live in peace with themselves and one another and their environment. They knew that all those years ago that in order to be successful in anything, we have to take personal responsibility for creating positive change.
Huna offers you the choice how to live your life in peace and harmony in accordance with the laws of attraction -cause and effect and perception is projection. Huna workshop includes the Hawaiian code of forgiveness a process called Ho’opnopono, as well as meditations and breathwork.

Hawaiian Energy Healing

Meet the facilitator

Marion Dias BSc (Hon) Clinical hypnosis, has more than 25 years of experience of helping clients in therapy, teaching, life coaching and facilitating retreats. Marion is a certified trainer and Master practitioner of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) hypnosis, Time Line Therapy™; Practitioner of EFT, Matrix healing, Inner child work, Re-connective healing, Hawaiian energy healing, Chi-lel qi gong and others from which she draws and shares with you on the retreats. However, her most significant experience comes from her own healing and overcoming of cancer without any medical interventions, applying her training and experience and being free of it for more than 12 years. This has resulted in her passion to help others to overcome their issues and looks forward to helping you.


In the UK we use small retreat centres or hotels near London and longer retreats in Devon or Cornwall. We offer the option of either shared (twin beds) with Breakfast or half board or arranging your own accommodation and board to suit your dietary and other needs.
Workshops – We do not offer any accommodation but can provide a list of hotels nearby.

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