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8 Days Emotional Cleansing and Chakra Balancing Yoga Retreat in Bali

Heal your soul, detox your body, refresh your mind!


We invite you for a deep emotional cleansing detox retreat to Bali - the most famous island in the world for its healing power. We organize bussiness/touristic visa for you, fees are included in the price. Quarantine on arrival at your own expese, but we can assist you with booking.
This retreat is for you if you:
woud like to combine active traveling and yoga practice;
would like to release old emotions or stress;
would like to araise self-awareness and investigate your inner world;
would like to meet like-minded people from different conners of the world;
are looking for flexible arrival dates.
Daily yoga and meditation classes, SPA, tours, self-awareness Leela Game will make your short holidays complete and powerful! Choose ANY date for arrival.

Daily yoga and meditation

Yoga for body detox and emotional cleansing

During the program you will join yoga for detox morning classes and meditation sessions for emotional cleansing. We are going to practice yoga of awareness, that will be different from the standard Hatha or Vinyasa Yoga. If you are open for the new experience you will definitely like it! You are beginner, intermediate, or advance practitioner, it will suit any level of practice! Be ready for challange and spiritual experience.

Daily yoga and meditation

Excursions included

Combine yoga with active traveling

During a week you will join 4 group adventure trips.
Dolphins adventure tour is a unique change to see and swim with dolphins in a wild nature. It is absolutely safe for you and for animals. You will leave your heart in the sea!
One day we are going to spend with yoga and meditation at the Holy Santhipala Waterfall. We will conduct a purification ceremony there.
Hiking tour to the most beautiful and the biggest waterfall in Bali in Lemukih village is in your package. This will be a whole day trip, so prepare comfortable shoes and swimming suit.
Lovina is famous for the Holy Hot Spings rich with serum that gives them healing power if you are suffering with arthritis or sore muscles. After hot springs you will visit the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali - Brahma Vihara Arama.

Excursions included

SPA treatments

Relax in the SPA

We prepare three SPA treatments for you that will provide a deep relaxation and detoxification. In our SPA we use only natural ingredients that we produce from local herbs. Your body will feel complete rejuvenation.

SPA treatments

Retreat Schedule

Approximate timing for the program

Day 1: arrival to the Retreat Center
Day 2: yoga, Tour to Hot Spring and Buddhist Temple, SPA, meditation
Day 3: yoga, Self-awareness Leela game
Day 4: yoga, Trekking Tour to Sekumpul waterfall, yoga, sound healing
Day 5: yoga, Chakra Balancing, SPA, meditation
Day 6: Outdoor yoga tour to Holy Santhipala waterfall
Day 7: Dolphins Advanture Tour, SPA, meditation
Day 8: yoga, check out

Self-awareness Leela Game

See whole your life on one field

Leela Game is an ancient system of life wisdom based on chakra system. With your personal request you enter the game and follow the path to know what support you in your life and what make you stuck with your attachments, emotions, and thoughts. Stepping over and over the same fields will bring you on the different level of awareness about yourself and your request.

Self-awareness Leela Game


This is all inclisive retreat

Business (for arrival via Jakarta)/Touristic (for arrival via Denpasar) visa fee
Transfer in Bali (both ways)
7 nights at the Retreat Center
3 times a day meals and non-alcoholic beverages
daily yoga and meditations
3 SPA treatments
4 excursions
Leela Game participation
Personal Sound Healing session
Chakra Balancing workshop

Accommodation option 1

At Our Retreat Center

Our Retreat Center is our main venue where we conduct all yoga classes and activities. 1,5 km from the beach and city center
The center is located on the hill and you have to take 108 steps to go up. Most of the rooms are located at the top level, and all the main facilities like open air yoga shala, restaurant, infinity pool with a sea view, lounde deck, and a gift shop are located as well at the top level.
2 single rooms with shared bathroom and fan
3 single rooms with private bathroom and fan
2 twin rooms with two single beds and 1 double room with queen size bed with shared bathroom and fan
and 1 private bungalow with private bathroom, kitchen, and jacuzzi pool inside the room with cold water is located at the bottom level.
SPA center with sauna

Accommodation option 1

Accommodation option 2

A hotel stay

A Hotel stay is our second venue. Location 600 m from the beach and city center. Free transportation is organized.
-Yoga shala
-SPA center
-Lounge pool
-Rooms with AC and private bathrooms.
There 2 types of room available - standard and superiour.

Accommodation option 2


Take into consideration that the Retreat Center is located on the top of the rock, so you have to climb 108 stairs to reach the top level, where most of rooms, yoga shala, infinity pool and restaurant are located.

Eco Practices

Our Retreat Center is a unique place buit on the top of the rock from second hand wood. We don't use airconditioning, but it is not hot, because of the wind and many open spaces. We try to reduce plastic usage in our place, so please bring your bottle for water refill.

Opening Times and Prices

This is on-going program, available whole year. You can choose any arrival date. If you would like to stay longer or shorter we can customize your program for requested duration.
The price for package depends on accommodation type and amount of people in the package:
Retreat Center:
single room with shared bathroom and ceiling fan = 960 GBP
twin/double room with shared bathroom and ceiling fan 2 people = 1770 GBP
private bungalow with private bathroom and lounge pool 1 person = 1000 GBP / 2 people = 1810 GBP
standard room with AC and private bathroom 1 person - 1000 GBP / 2 people = 1810 GBP / 3 people = 2620 GBP
superior room with AC and private bathroom 1 person - 1035 GBP / 2 people = 1845 GBP / 3 people = 2660 GBP

Directions and Travel

Pick up from Ngurah Rai Airport (Denpasar, Bali) is included.
To arrive to Indonesia you have to be fully vaccinated and have PCR test 48 hour before departure.
42 countries are able to enter Bali with visa on arrival. If your country is not in the list, please contact Santhika Retreat Center for more information about application for e-visa.
Visa application take up to 14 days. Documents for visa:
- passaport valid at least 6 months after arrival date
- vaccination certificate
- selfie picture
- ticket

Retreat Features and Activities

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