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Dissolve Inner Blocks to Success and Happiness

Developed by Jean-Paul Gravel, ThroughConversation™ is a unique coaching system that will quickly and dramatically elevate your experience of life. With this method, couples heading for divorce fall in love again, and even people with severe and treatment resistant anxiety and depression re-discover their happiness and peace of mind, even if other approaches have failed them. Through private, one-on-one care, ThroughConversation programs are changing lives around the world. With insightful coaching and training techniques, fully customized around client's personality traits and needs. With a success rate of over 95%, ThroughConversation is the top choice for those seeking exceptional results.

Retreat Features and Activities

AnxietyCoaching / Life CoachingCognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)CounsellingDepressionMeditationPersonal DevelopmentSelf DiscoveryStress ManagementYogaGrow

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ThroughConversation™ works by strategically dissolving mental blocks in the conscious and subconscious mind that prevent you from living to your full potential. The process leads you through a sequence of experiential conversations in order to create real, positive changes in your brain patterns and create lasting transformations in all areas of life.

Many dates available based on your needs and desires. Our programs are one-on-one and completely personalized and customized to your personality and life situation. Our clients range from actors to top business executives, and all of them share one trait - a commitment to their health and personal growth.
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