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Corporate Trek in the Lake District

For businesses looking to increase their employee wellbeing initiatives and engagement with long-term partners and clients


For businesses looking to invest in the long term success and wellbeing of their employees and their business.

This isolating time has reaffirmed how important face-to-face connection is for wellbeing and mental health in the work place. With everyone working from home a much needed employee COVID compliant experience would be very valuable.

Wellbeing has become such an integral part of business culture; research shows that creating a working environment that supports, maintains and seeks to improve overall employee wellness results in greater satisfaction and productivity, resulting in greater success of the business.

WIRED Magazine:  “People feel proud about working for a company that demonstrates it cares about its employees and what’s important to them. It’s a win/win.”

Opening Times and Prices

Two days hiking, 3 nights – employees do not need to use their annual leave to take part:

• Either, arriving Sunday night and back to the office for lunchtime on Wednesday.

• Or, leaving the office at lunchtime on Wednesday and back to London Saturday morning.

We walk for roughly 6 hours a day, stopping along the way for a pack lunch.

Directions and Travel

Penrith Train Station
Fast train route to Penrith from London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol

Retreat Features and Activities

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