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One to One Executive Growth Retreat: Strengthening Presence from the Inside Out

A complete transformative coaching experience - 3 night one to one retreat with post-retreat coaching and Academy access for further expansion.


There is a pull people often feel when they are ready to transcend to a new way of experiencing life. Sometimes tired of the way things are or hungry for something new, as you search for greater meaning, purpose and identity. Or possibly a little anxious and unsettled, because something doesn’t fit or make sense right now.
This is a one to one executive retreat that points to a profound spiritual truth and a deep confidence within you, that will ripple out to your professional and personal life long after the retreat ends.
As your awareness grows and you see with new eyes, others will in turn see you differently, because there is a special kind of something that radiates from those with strong personal presence and a deep sense of knowing who they are.

Being Authentically You

Sometimes we feel so stunted as though something is preventing us from showing up and truly being seen for who we are - without the mask, the walls or the faux confidence to hide behind.
As you deepen your awareness within yourself, you establish a deep connection with your true spiritual nature and develop your relationship with yourself so you can be authentically you as a professional, a leader, a parent, a partner or simply a human being.
You don’t have to be bullet proof, robotic or devoid of emotions to be resilient and smart. In fact, high level thinking is all about embracing the truest depths of your humanity and this deep inner knowing will allow you to navigate challenging situations from a more effective and powerful vantage point.

High Level Performance

Spiritual exploration has an extraordinarily powerful effect on performance, leadership and decision making.
When we take on a position of authority and leadership, we can only ever lead from the level of consciousness that we sit at. When we operate from our fears, insecurities, defensiveness, frustrations or desire to have our psychological needs met, it’s highly likely there was a better and more effective move than the one we took.
The key to great leadership and high level decision making is for leaders to develop a deep connection within themselves and be more conscious of what is arising in them and influencing their perspective in the moment. When our level of consciousness elevates, whole new thoughts, options, insights and creative processes become available to us.

High Level Performance

Effortless Success

There is an intense motivation that comes from wanting to prove ourselves, especially when we feel we are not enough somehow. It’s powerful, but stressful, short sighted and weighs heavy on the mind.
When you operate from your true nature, success feels effortless as you work, live and breathe more freely from flow, finding your place as an important part of something bigger than you. Navigating life becomes lighter and you feel more alive, with clarity of mind and lightness of heart whether you are presenting to crowds, making decisions alone or embarking on a journey well outside your comfort zone.

Taking Time Out

There is a reason Zen masters are known to retreat into the wilderness for spiritual growth and personal evolution, and intuitively we know there are times we need to take a step back to gain perspective, clarity and Insight.
The Retreat at Upper Barns will be your sanctuary. A Private space with king size bed, ensuite shower room, private kitchen and lounge where, while not in session, you can relax, read, prepare food, meditate and reflect in your own private space.

Taking Time Out

Much More than a Retreat

This executive retreat experience begins the moment you book with us.
The Preparation:
We will schedule a zoom call so that we can get to know you, your aims, objectives and greatest opportunities. With access to our resource library you can begin exploring, with tips on the areas that will be most useful to you.
At the Retreat:
You will stay in ‘The Retreat at Upper Barns’ for three nights, with 1:1 transformative coaching sessions spread through each day, and a final session on the last morning. In between sessions, you have time to reflect, read, rest, renew, recharge and regenerate.

Integration and application is fundamental to embedding this understanding, and four post retreat coaching sessions ensure your experience doesn't end when the retreat does.

Your Retreat Coach

Michelle is a Transformative Coach, a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic programming, a Master Hypnotist and Instructor of Hypnosis, a Trainer of Time Line TherapyTM, a certified Coach Trainer, a qualified Medical Intuitive with a BA in Business and a few other 'out there' things she tends to not put on a CV.
She had a successful career in Communications before being drawn to the world of mental, emotional and spiritual growth, initially opening a training company as the first English speaking NLP trainer in Hong Kong in 2007.
As well as running 'The Retreat at Upper Barns', Michelle works for numerous corporate and private clients and is the main Trainer in mental strength and resilience for a leading Military and Veteran mental health charity.

Your Retreat Coach


All areas are located on the ground floor, but please contact us to discuss your individual requirements so that we can be sure to accommodate you.

Eco Practices

Upper Barns is a 16th Century barn used to house animals and animal feed until around 40 years ago and we are keen to retain its traditional and ecological qualities. We have our own vegetable garden where we grow as many of our own salad, berries and other fruit, vegetables and herbs as possible using compost made from our kitchen and garden waste. We are also fortunate that this is a big equestrian area and predominantly farming community so manure is pretty easy to come by to keep our soil naturally fertile! We also recycle, minimise waste and source food locally as much as possible.

Opening Times and Prices

Our retreat dates for 2024 are shown below. Please bear in mind that dates can become unavailable quickly - due to the nature of 1:1. When it's gone.. it's gone so please be sure to book your chosen dates to avoid disappointment.

Tue 16th - Fri 19th April
Tue 30th Apr - Fri 3rd May
Tue 11th - Fri 14th June
Mon 8th - Thu 11th July
Tue 17th - Fri 20th Sep
Tue 8th - Fri 11th Oct
Tue 12th - Fri 15th Nov
Tue 3rd - Fri 6th Dec

Directions and Travel

The Retreat at Upper Barns is located just outside the village of Wethersfield; a stunning rural setting along the Essex/Suffolk border, and just an hour's drive from London.
It is straightforward to drive here from the M11/A120 and we can WhatsApp a locator to make things easier when you get closer along the country lanes.
The closest train station is Braintree, which is on the National Rail service out of Liverpool Street. Once you arrive at Braintree train station it is around 20 minutes in a taxi.
We are minutes from Stansted Airport for those coming from further afield.

Retreat Features and Activities

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