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7 Day Seaside Fitness and Wellbeing Retreat in Marathon, Greece

A luxury retreat created to pair extrordinary scenery with handpicked adventures that bring you closer to nature and help you find your inner peace


Our 7 day retreat is located in Marathon Greece, a rural suburb of Athens, the countries historic capital.
Marathon is filled with amazing scenery and landscapes as it is home to the Schinias national forest and beach. A 2km stretch of dreamy sand and turquise waters meeting the breathtaking treeline of the Schinias national forest is the true jewel of this amazing location.
Our retreat offers a number of activities that will really showcase this natural beauty whilst also helping you grow as a person.
Picking up new interest is always a great way to escape from the otherwise stressful day to day life. Being close to nature and its stress relieving energy will help you clear your mind and focus on achieving your goals.


Our handpicked activities

1) Windsurfing classes:
Feel the tranquility of gliding on the water powered just by the wind.
2)Stand Up Paddling:
Explore the amazing waterside views while getting some great exercise, all while being ona SUP board.
Our handpicked hicking locations pinpoint this stunning scenery and are guranteed to get you much closer to nature and its stress relieving energy .
4)Sunrise Horse Riding:
Soak in the amazing sunrise views on an amazing horse ride through the schinias national forest.
Yoga has been the perfect way to conect to the person you want to become, getting you closer to your goals and supplying you with the appropriate mental strength to face the challenges life may bring.



Guests will be staying at our luxury seaside villa located on the Dikastika hill. The villa is very spacious and equipped with a barbeque, a swimming pool and an eye watering view.



A bit about our home

Our retreat is located in Marathon Greece, a rural suburb of the country's capital, Athens. Marathon is known for its sandy beach, incredible landscapes featuring waterfalls, cliffs and many more breathtaking views. Marathon is right next to the Schinias National forest, a Natura 2000 protected forest that is home to more than 110 different species of migrating birds, such as flamingos ex. Marathon is also well known for its historic significance. One of the most important battles of the Greek-Persian war in 490 BC took place here. This battle is what inspired the world famous Athens Authentic Marathon which sees runners starting from the burial site of the fallen soldiers of this battle.


Your Host

The retreat organizer is Harris, a 20yo naval engineering student and passionate waterman. Harris started working in a watersports center of the area 5 years ago and immediately fell in love with the sea and watersports. You will most often see him on a windsurf board practising and improving his own skills or helping others learn this amazing sport. His previous working experience makes him well qualified to interact with the guests and make sure they get the best possible stay and enjoy all their activities, whilst also acquiring new skills.

Opening Times and Prices

April 2023: 9-15 and 30-6 May
May 2023: 20-26
June 2023: 1-7
September 2023: 1-7 and 15-21
October 2023: 1-7 and 10-16
Single bed Bedroom Shared: 2400€ PP
Single Bed Bedroom Private: 2600€ PP
MasterBedroom shared: 2600€ PP
Masterbedroom Private: 2800€ PP
Pricing includes:
Airport Pickup and Dropoff
6 nights of stay at our beautifull villa
3 days full of windsurfing and SUP throughout the magical schinias bay
2 days of exploring the landscapes of schinias and its hiking paths.
1 horseride through the schinias national forest during sunrise
Yoga session every morning and evening
Nutrinional Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner focusing on traditional Greek gastronomy and local ingredients.

Directions and Travel

Pickup from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport is included in the price

Retreat Features and Activities

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