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"Is This It?" Bespoke Individual Spiritual Retreat with Jessica McGregor Johnson

Beginning to answer those deeper fundamental questions : Who am I?” “What is life about?” “Is this all there is?” You’re thinking there must be more to life than meets the eye.


Would you like to start 2024 with a new outlook on life? Do you ever feel that deep down inside of you there's a part that feels lost? A part that is craving change? Outwardly everything looks good but inside something is missing. It's a feeling that has been growing and you can’t ignore it anymore. And maybe it feels scary because you feel that it might be a huge change that upsets your world and you are not sure you want that. Or perhaps it also comes with a feeling of excitement, that you are on the brink of something new, something that has been beckoning you now for a while. Either way this individual private retreat in a safe space just for you, based on my book Remembering Perfection, will start to give you the answers you are looking for. A feeling of coming home

Why come on this retreat?

Are you asking the questions: “Is this it – is this all there is to life?”

If so, it's time to explore who you are in totality, who you are as a human being having a spiritual experience. It is time to listen to your heart, your Soul, and make new decisions from that space of Love. Love of Self, love of others, love of family, love of each other and love of spirit. Time to embrace life fully because life is just too short not to live it to the full.

The great thing to know is that this is a journey of discovery. You do not have to throw the baby out with the bathwater, walk away from everything you have known. This is not about starting again – it's about evolving yourself and your understanding to a point where you can happily make different choices. It is a place where you can understand yourself so much better and listen to your heart, and follow it.

Why come on this retreat?

Why me?

Why should I be your guide on this journey?

I know exactly where you are standing right now, I have walked this path and so can guide you on yours. I follow spiritual path but it is not about my path – it is about yours. I know what not to do (having made the mistakes myself without a guide) and how to make this an exciting, joyful journey – and I will guide and nurture you through this awakening – this exploration of your Self.

This retreat is a conversation of discovery. Focused on the different chapters of my book Remembering Perfection, we will explore what reconnecting to the perfection of your Soul means. It is a practical journey of learning about yourself, understanding what it means to say that we are all One.

You will explore how you can be truly real with yourself, and with the world.

Why me?

What's included?

On your two day three night retreat you will receive

- A minimum of six hours of conversation both days focused on exploring the topics in the book Remembering Perfection and the questions you bring with you on retreat. You will receive a copy before your retreat to read and make notes about what you question, agree with or maybe do not understand. Our conversations then are an organic exploration of the ideas presented in the book.
- Free transportation to and from Malaga or Granada airport and around the local area.
- Accommodation and all meals.
- A morning guided meditation.
- A massage on the afternoon of the first day.
- Informal time together for general chats.
- Lots of downtime to reflect on our conversations.

What's included?


Time for reflection

Experience shows me that having downtime in a retreat is as important as the times we spend together so I have built in lots of down time. As well as a lovely massage you'll have time for silent walks in the afternoon, or for you just to be still with yourself. These times are key to your retreat to give you the time and space to reconnect to yourself and create the environment for your insights to arise.

We can also take a walk up in the mountains if you like walking. Walking and talking can create many ah-ha moments (walking opens the door to your subconscious) and the scenery is just fabulous!.


Follow on Sessions

Ensure the ideas you have on retreat get rolled into everyday life

We all know how we can go away on a retreat or workshop and arrive home fired up with new ideas only to find that a week later you are back in your same old routine. I don't want that to happen for you.

So I have created a follow-on support option to help you continue to explore your life with your new found ideas. We can discuss this option on retreat so that if you choose it you get exactly the support that you want.

Follow on Sessions

How do we get started?


We have a chat to discuss what’s going on your life. Where you’re stuck, why the retreat is of interest to you and what you hope to get out of it. You also get the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have about how the retreat works.

Once we both agree the retreat is the right thing for you, we’ll book in dates and I will send you an agreement and joining information for your retreat.

If you are coming to the Spanish retreat the fee includes transfers to and from Malaga airport, accommodation and all meals.

If you choose a virtual retreat you can go on a retreat either in the comfort of your own home or you can go somewhere lovely in your own country to take the time out. The format is very similar.

Just drop me a line

How do we get started?


What a recent client said:

Jessica's a wonderfully grounded guide on the path to integrating spirituality into the everyday. She is totally rooted in the real world, yet introduces the spiritual component in every thought and interaction effortlessly. On the retreat we naturally covered the origins of certain beliefs or fears in my life, but this wasn’t talking therapy as I’ve known it – it was proactive coaching, on an energetic level, less unearthing past experience and more unfolding and liberating the energy tied up in redundant beliefs and attitudes in the present.

At the end of the retreat, I felt calm and energised in the knowledge that if I apply these tools to return to myself in the present, I will have all I need to make good decisions, to connect with the people around me and to trust life.


About me

Who are you going to be spending two days with!

When I was 31 I thought I had everything I ever wanted. I had the husband, the car, a successful stable job, the thatched cottage with the roses over the door, the multiple holidays. I had everything that was supposed to make me happy, but it didn’t. I felt completely stuck and alone and angry that after all the effort I was deeply unfulfilled and unhappy. In July 1991 I had the courage to say ‘enough’ to myself, that there must be more to life than this and I’ve never looked back since.

What started off as a personal journey of discovery ended up becoming my life’s work. Everyday I wake up feeling blessed that I get to guide, mentor and support people to connect to their heart, discover who they are and go out and live it.

I'd love to help you too.

About me


There is no wheelchair access to the house

Eco Practices

Spain has finally caught up with the world and so all rubbish is recycled. Local produce is also use when available - especially the lovely freshly squeezed orange juice. And don't forget the local spring water - straight from the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Opening Times and Prices

You can book on dates to suit you, both week days and weekends are possible. We will discuss the best time for you to come when we have our initial chat. You will arrive in the afternoon of the first day and we will drive up into the mountains. You will then have two full days on retreat before leaving in the morning of the fourth day.

The price for the retreat is €3980 ex VAT and for the follow on sessions €565 ex VAT per month payable monthly. (VAT only payable if you are resident in the EU)

Directions and Travel

You can arrive at Malaga or Granada Airport and we will travel up to the Alpujarras in Southern Spain to one of the traditional white villages called Bubion. Transfers are included in the price - all you need to do is get yourself to Spain!

We stay in a traditional house that I take especially for us so you have a private safe space to discuss whatever you want.

Retreat Features and Activities

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