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Active Wellbeing Retreat at Badminton, Cotswolds

3 Days to re-align and re-energise through Movement, Nature and Connection


Yoga: to build in the practice and habit that re-sets and re-aligns the mind and body.
Foraging: with our woodland luddite, Neil, will guide you through the nourishment we can find in our natives woodlands and educate us on the fragile symbiotic relationships within ecosystems
Cacao Ceremony: The Cacao plant, in ceremony, is used as a power plant for opening our heart to experience love and elevated emotions in depth. We hope you have a similarly profound experience that we had working with Mother Cacao, we will cherish the special privilege to share with you as well.
The retreat offers a fresh start to set new intentions to get active, connect with like minded people and to learn tools to sooth the mind.

Itinerary and photos on website

Eco Practices

We learn about the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the wood wide web of mycelia to deepen our understanding of how our actions effect the ecosystem at large
The accommodation uses solar panels for heating water and its electricity (the roof of the house is fitted with solar panels). Respect our desire to preserve electricity and turn lights out (Environmentally friendly light bulbs are used) and take short showers. Ecotricity is our energy supplier.

We encourage you to share car lifts down or take public transport to reduce your carbon footprint and if you'd rather not take a flight, we give details of other participants taking the train or driving down from different areas to share lifts to reduce carbon footprint.

All food is vegan or vegetarian

Opening Times and Prices

Friday – Welcome Ceremony (Welcome from 2pm)
£450 - single space in shared double room (£895 – double bed – two people - with private bathroom across the corridor)
£495 – single bed one person in twin room
£695 - double bed for one person in private room - without en-suite
£795 - double bed for one person in private room - with en-suite
£995 - double space in shared double room – two people - with en-suite

Directions and Travel

Nearest Airport: Bristol Airport 45mins away
Nearest train station Chippenham

2 hours drive from central London
20 minutes from Chippenham train station
30 mins from Bristol and Bath

Retreat Features and Activities

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