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Maps to Masculinity Mens Retreat

For men looking for Connection and Direction


I’m a stuntman, yogi and mens coach and on this retreat I bring theory and action together. On this 4 day retreat we will look at what it means to be a man. You’ll learn all about the archetypes of Manhood and and how you can access them through the Maps of the Masculine. You’ll be invited to share your story and connect with the brothers who share theirs. All in a safe and beautiful setting.
This retreat is also all about action as you’re lead by British special forces as they teach you how to handle, aim and fire a weapon. They will also teach you how to work together to achieve a goal. Through this we will show you how masculinity can be damaging when not contained and powerful and beautiful when harnessed.
Limited spaces due to the intimate nature.

Opening Times and Prices

6th October 3pm till 9th October 12 noon

Directions and Travel

General Information
The location doesn't have an exact postcode, so please use BH20 7LP and follow the directions at bottom of page titled 'From Bere Regis'.
Alternatively head to Bere Regis.
From Bere Regis
Bear left up Rye Hill.
Turn Right just after Rye Hill Farm shop (BH20 7LP) on your left half way up the hill - this is a B road please drive safely!! (Yearlings drove)
Drive for approximately 3 miles until you reach a cross roads (with the B3390).
Straight across is the track to Max Events (Bridle way) – follow it for half mile and you will reach Max Events on the right.
Alternative options are available so please just ask if you need help

Retreat Features and Activities

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