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Mind Over Mountains Wellbeing Retreat: Walk, talk and find stillness

Our charity brings together the healing power of nature, with mindfulness and unpressured time to talk with mental health professionals.


Founded by serial adventurer and mental health activist, Alex Staniforth, alongside international leadership consultant and trainer Chris Spray. Our events run throughout the UK, with bursaries available to those with the most challenging lives. Ranging from one day hill-walks to weekend retreats, our programmes bring together hill-walking and mindfulness in nature, alongside time with experienced coaches and counsellors in an unpressured, unhurried setting.
Restoring mental health, naturally - here's our ingredients for sustainable change:
• Holistic approach
• Developing whole-body resilience
• Reconnecting with nature
• Professional support
• Safe space

Our next retreat is in the North Wales 21-23 April - we'd love to see you there!

Opening Times and Prices

As a charity, Mind Over Mountains use our fundraising to help those with the most challenging lives to find support and respite. Therefore all our listed prices are available at both a 50% bursary price and £50 bursary price depending on your eligibility. More details on our website

Directions and Travel

Mind Over Mountains run retreats in North Wales and around the UK. see website for more information.

Retreat Features and Activities

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