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Mindfulness, Nature and Law of Attraction. Rest, Restore, Replan... and Breathe

Taking time out to reflect, reassess and replan. Self care is taking time out from the mayhem. Deepen your connection with nature and your authentic self. Release the tension.


Enjoy light yoga on the beach, slow hillwalking with outstanding scenery & guided meditation to a place of inner silence. Why not join us on this beach, hills and forest experiential time out, deepening your inner connection by accepting nature's invite to join her. Facilitated mindful living sessions and toolkits, energy healing soundbaths and shamanic drumming; simply enjoy focusing on you, your life and your future. The intimacy of nature connection supports clarity and insight with a deepening understanding of your true authentic self. Come to gain clarity in a safe space to let go of what no longer serves you and make room for your future vision. Like minded company with like minded direction is like taking a fresh breathe in to a better future. See you there!


The future plan is to have disabled facilities in order to allow the retreats to be fully inclusive.

Eco Practices

With such outstanding natural beauty around, all eco practices are encouraged.
All our events are nature based therefore we encourage a respect for our environment and nature.

Opening Times and Prices

Open All Year Round. Discussions are held around your preferred timing of bookings. Min of 2 nights for retreat. Additional nights may be arranged for stay only with price being agreed.
Price: Range is £80-120 pppn.
Please note we do not accept couples as the Retreats are aimed at you exploring 'YES, Your Entire Self'.
There is the option of staying in the main Lodge or our quiet, cosy flat in the Centre of Largs (with daily pick ups to the Lodge) We invite a true and open discovery of your own thoughts, feelings and self judgement. Time out for you to Just Be, Just Be Yourself.

Full details of Retreat activity and accommodation specifics are sent upon enquiry.

Directions and Travel

Largs is 30 min drive from Glasgow Airport and 40 min drive from Prestwick Airport. Taxi prices from Glasgow approx £40 and £50 from Prestwick.
Public transport:
From Glasgow: 10min bus journey to Paisley then 45min train to Largs.
From Prestwick: train to Kilwinning then change train to Largs, journey time approx 1hr 30mins. Bus from Prestwick to Largs approx 1hr 30mins.
From Edinburgh, train to Glasgow Central then to Largs. Approx journey time 2hrs.

Upon arrival to Largs, ferry visits to the Isle of Cumbrie (Millport), Isle of Bute (Rothesay) and Isle of Arran. Millport ferry is within walking distance, Rothesay terminal is a 15 min bus journey and Arran terminal is a 20 min train journey.

Local taxis available.
I am happy to help with arranging travel where required.

Retreat Features and Activities

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