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Mindfulness Vacation Retreat in Sardinia

What really matters?


The retreat – a meaningful vacation!
We are diving into an intensive mindfulness practice process.
Meditation, movement, journaling and inquiry help us connect to our wise selves, strengthen presence and
refresh our life purpose:
By training focused attention and open awareness during meditation we start calming down, become clear and serene.
Movement practices (Qigong and Feldenkrais) support embodiment, connection and energy.
Journaling and inquiriy are tools bringing forth questions, insights and life purpose.
We are practicing 4,5 hours per day - with individual space and free time in the afternoons for swimming, walking, resting...
Particpants report a long-lasting effect of this precious time together back home.

Opening Times and Prices

First meeting: Saturday, 4th June at 07.30 PM with a welcome drink
near the hotel pool
Course: Sunday, 5th – Friday, 10th (Wednesday free)
Last meeting: Friday, 10th with dinner

Hotel: Half bord double room 95€/day
Half bord single room 132€/day
Retreat fee: 640€ with registration by march 20th
750€ with registration after march 20th

Directions and Travel

Hotel Galanias, Bari Sardo, Sardinia/Italy

By airplane: Cagliari or Olbia
It is recommended to rent a car for this week.

Retreat Features and Activities

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