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5 Day "Vida Nueva" Retreat in the Yucatan: Kambo, Bufo Alvarius

Revitalize Life at a Historic Yucatan Hacienda with Connected Community and Natural Medicine Practices


Crafted with a focus on the significance of surrendering for personal breakthroughs, this 5-day medicine curriculum is thoughtfully designed. This retreat offering strikes a balance with its intensity and duration, providing ample time for relaxation, learning, and inner-work. (check out nobleretreat.com for more)
Protocol Example:
9: Devotional / Prayer / Intentions
9:30: Breathwork
10:30: Bufo Alvarius
12: Kambo (First 3 days of Retreat)
Break until 3:30
16: Bufo Alvarius (Offered at Teacher's Discretion)
18: Plant-Based Dinner
19: Integration
+ Integration Day Trips: Approximately 11:30 Departure to nearby Beaches, Cenotes, Mayan Architecture, etc
*Devotional/Prayer/Intentions, Breathwork, and Bufo Alvarius Still Available

Medicine Practices

Kambo & Bufo Alvarius information below.

Check out our website for more on Samadhi, Hapé, Sananga, Xanga.

Medicine Practices


"The Secretion for the Giant Monkey Tree Frog"

Kambo, the sacred secretion of the giant monkey tree frog, holds a reputation for its diverse healing benefits.
It's important to note that while some people find Kambo to be a beneficial and transformative experience, individual responses can vary. It's crucial to approach Kambo ceremonies with respect and under the guidance of experienced practitioners who can ensure safety and provide proper support.

Advocates of Kambo ceremonies often cite the following therapeutic effects:
Physical Detoxification, Natural Antibiotic, Boosted Immune System, Improved Fertility, Increased Circulation, Reduced Inflammation, Anti-cancer, Anti-Diabetic, Pain Relief, Mental Clarity, Emotional Release, Spiritual Connection, Balanced Energy


Bufo Alvarius

"The Secretion of the Colorado River Toad / Sonoran Desert Toad"

Bufo alvarius, also known as the Colorado River toad or Sonoran Desert toad, secretes a venom that contains various compounds, including 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine, also called "The God Molecule"). While some individuals believe in the therapeutic effects of this venom, it's crucial to note that individual responses can vary.

Here are some reported health-related aspects associated with the use of Bufo Alvarius venom:
Psycho-spiritual Insights, Stress Reduction, Mood Enhancement, Mindfulness and Presence, Addiction Treatment

Bufo Alvarius


"The Grandfather Tobacco"

Hapé, also known as rapé or snuff, is a sacred and traditional Amazonian tobacco preparation used by various indigenous communities. It's important to note that while some individuals attribute health benefits to the ceremonial use of hapé, individual responses can vary.

Here are some reported health-related aspects associated with the traditional use of hapé:
​Spiritual Connection, Cleansing and Purification, Respiratory Benefits, Mental Clarity, Emotional Release, Reduced Anxiety


Meal Plan

Plant-Based Meal Plan

Savor a distinctive plant-based culinary experience. Throughout the day, we adhere to a fruit-based meal plan to keep a clean vessel when working with the medicines. As the sun sets, we transform into a communal kitchen, where we craft a feast for all. Our family-style dining encourages everyone to contribute to the preparation and cleanup, fostering a warm, familial atmosphere.

Meal Plan


Casitas offered with King Bed or 2 Twin Beds

Discover the tranquil charm of the Yucatan at our historic hacienda. Surrounded by rich heritage and lush landscapes, our accommodations blend modern comfort with traditional elegance. Immerse yourself in the authentic Yucatecan culture and create lasting memories in this historic setting.


Day Trips

Explore local beaches, cenotes, and more.

At our retreats, alongside medicinal practices, we offer refreshing day trips to beaches, cenotes, and more. These breaks provide participants with opportunities to relax, rejuvenate, and integrate their experiences, fostering holistic well-being.

Day Trips


Eco Practices

We support local. Fresh fruits and vegetables from Yucatán farmers.

Opening Times and Prices

5 Day Vida Nueva Retreat: $2,488

ALSO OFFERED on our website nobleretreat.com:
3 Day Vida Nueva Retreat: $1,888
7 Day Vida Nueva Retreat: $2,888

Directions and Travel

Nestled just beyond the enchanting city of Merida, within the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, the retreat center resides in a region steeped in Mayan history, culture, and ancient architecture. The serene hacienda is adorned with lush vegetation, and thoughtfully cultivated to enhance your healing journey.

Merida is the Nearest Airport to our Hacienda - pickup & drop off included.

Retreat Features and Activities

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