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5 Days 4 nights Bufo, Kambo, Samadhi

Noble Mountain Healing


We are a judgment-free Spiritual Renewal center in the Yucatan.
Our mission is to provide a safe and sacred space for you to release your mind, treat your body and listen.
Be free of the spiritual weight that easily entangle you. Gain a better perspective on you life.
5 days, 4 Nights in our beautiful retreat space in the Yucatan of Mexico
Medicine Offered under the guides of Trained teachers.
6- Bufo Sessions
3- Kambo Sessions
1- Samadhi Session (At teacher's discretion)

Also Includes:
Delicious Vegan meals
Beautiful Casitas in our Lush Hacienda
Free Airport pick-up and drop-off (Must be at Merida Airport)

Bufo, Kambo and Samadhi

5 Days, 4 Nights Bufo, Kambo and Samadhi

Judgement-Free, sacred space with individual Casitas to relax and heal.
Be free of the fogs, unforgiveness, hindrances, judgment and experience clarity like never before.

Noble Mountain Healing, where true change Happen.

Bufo, Kambo and Samadhi

Opening Times and Prices


OCTOBER 11-15, 2023
OCTOBER 25-29, 2023

NOVEMBER 8-12, 2023
NOVEMBER 22-26, 2023

DECEMBER 6-17, 2023

Directions and Travel

Merida is the Nearest Airport to our Hacienda.
Free Pickup from Merida Airport included

Retreat Features and Activities

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