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15 Days Online Yoga and Meditation Retreat 7 Points of You with Leela Game

Investigate your 7 energy-informational centers through yoga, meditations, and self-awareness tasks


Have you ever though that we all think in different way about the same things? Your mind works reflecting your inner emotional state and past experience, creating particular patterns that make you stuck in your life. How to find imbalance and how to bring balance into our physicle body, emotions, and mind? We have designed this ONLINE experience specially for these purposes. Either you are beginner or intermediate yogie this program will be interesting for you because of unusual approach we use to explain how your 7 energy-informational centers are working. The course includes:
* Daily 14 prerecorded yoga classes
* Daily 14 self-awareness tasks via Points of You coaching method
* Daily 14 prerecorded meditations
* Scripts to read
* ONLINE Leela Game

Points of You

Unusual approach to work with your subconscious

We have adjusted coaching method Points of You game to explain you have you feel and behave on 7 different levels of yourself.
The task will include self work for self-awareness. Every day you will get a file that will include a picture, a word, a story, and a few questions to ask yourself. It is important not to move to the next page until you finish the previous task - this is the key of the method. There is no right or wrong answers. What ever you will write you will do it for yourself to become aware about your way of thinking and your vision.

Leela Game

Deep journey into yourself through a spiritual game

Leela is a system of ancient knowledge and wisdom based on chakra energy concept.
To enter the game you have to create a request or question about anything you need to find te answers in your life. Playing the game will bring you through the fields, snakes and arrows where you will get information about where you are stuck in your life, whrer your energy flowing out, what you need to change, and what are your strenths to use to get out from your karmic rings.
The game will be conducted online on the day and time comfortable for you and facilitator. One online session will not exceed 3 hours. If you will be not able to finish the game in one session, we will continue on another day.

Leela Game

Online Retreats

This is ONLINE retreat. You will receive pre-recorded classes and tasks on daily basis, so you can manage your schedule for practice them. Online Leela Game will be conducted on the day and time comfortable for you and for facilitator. If the game can't be finished in one session (maximum duration of one online session is 3 hours), we will continue playing on another day. The game that was started once, has to be finished.

Opening Times and Prices

You can start this program on any date.
For online part of the program we will confirm comfortable time for you and facilitator.

Retreat Features and Activities

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