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Peruvian 14 day Hero's Journey Ayahuasca & Self Inquiry Immersion Oct 1-15

Heroic Amazonian, Ayahuasca, dyad self-inquiry, somatic resilience meditation and breath work immersive


This two week Peruvian Hero’s Journey Retreat combines the insights and somatic reengineering plant medicine offers, self-inquiry dyad techniques, and trauma informed meditation based, vessel building practices with the embodied, heroic action of physically stepping outside of our comfort into the immersive unknown of the primordial Amazonian jungle.
Empowering peer to peer dyad self-inquiry techniques and vessel building practices, cacao and breath work
First week of the retreat is based at a plant medicine centre near Tarapoto the 2nd in deep maternal immersion of the Amazonian Pacayo National Park
Only 4 spaces remain for this life changing retreat
Transfers, pickups, travel, accommodation, plant medicine, workshops and food all included. Flights to Tarapoto separate

Directions and Travel

Fly to Tarapoto via Lima. Local connection flights are very reasonable. From there we arrange all transfers, accommodations, and food.
We can arrange extra nights with trusted hotels and transport.
Please contact for more details.

Retreat Features and Activities

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