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Transform Your Life in the Tropical Island of Phuket

Join our data-driven, science-backed fitness and weight management retreat for results, expert support, and stunning Phuket paradise – 7 days a week!


Welcome to PhuketFit Health and Fitness retreat on Phuket Island. Set amidst Rawai Beach for sunrises and Yan Nui Beach for sunsets, with breathtaking Laem Promthep views.
Our retreat provides effective and sustainable Fitness and Weight Management Services with unwavering support, guiding you toward a healthier, happier life.

Delivering the right diet plans, and exercises and empowering education are core to our programs. Understand nutrition's role in fueling your goals and exercise's importance for self-improvement, leaving you looking great and feeling brand new!

We believe in the power of change through exercise, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy unique fitness programs, boot camps, personalized diets, weight management support, and extra program service tickets.

Introducing PhuketFit

Your premier destination for wellness and fitness in the heart of Thailand!

Embrace your journey towards health transformation on the idyllic Phuket Island. Surrounded by the tranquil Rawai and Yan Nui Beaches, our retreat offers an unparalleled setting for rejuvenation. Venture just minutes away to Laem Promthep for invigorating workouts with scenic vistas.

Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you toward your fitness aspirations, offering personalized programs for weight loss or fitness enhancement. Experience the path to a vibrant, healthier lifestyle with Phuketfit.

Introducing PhuketFit

What makes us... us

We're dedicated to empowering your total transformation—body and spirit.

With expert guidance, tailored plans, and inspiring natural settings, we foster a holistic journey to uncover your fullest potential.

Our mission is to offer a sanctuary from daily stress, guiding you towards health and fitness milestones with personalized support, ensuring meaningful, enduring lifestyle enhancements. Leveraging Fitness, Yoga, and Nutritious Cuisine, we tailor our approach to meet your unique objectives, supported by a community sharing similar journeys.

Our pledge to you includes exceptional service, personalized goal alignment, motivational support, and a commitment to your ultimate well-being."

What makes us... us

About our programs

Customized fitness and weight management for all goals at PhuketFit.

Weight Loss Program: Aimed at those seeking sustainable and effective weight loss, our program utilizes proven techniques for fat reduction and body reshaping. Start your success story with us!

Complete Fitness Program: Regardless of your fitness starting point, our all-encompassing fitness camp is designed to help you achieve your goals efficiently, catering specifically to your individual needs and setting you on a path to improved well-being.

Dive into a typical week of sessions at PhuketFit, tailored for a client focusing on enhancing strength, flexibility, and stamina.

About our programs

Our Winning Approach

What makes us different from the other retreats out there?

> Data-Driven Approach: Science-backed methods for continuous improvement.

> Small and Personalised Classes: Focus on injury prevention and recovery with up to 15 participants.

> Comprehensive Programs:: A complete health and fitness approach, including physical training and nutritional guidance.

> Results-Based Programs: Effective, long-term results with diverse fitness and meal options.

> Inclusive Community: Join a global community for motivation and support.

> Expert Guidance: Professional support and expertise for your transformation journey.

> Stunning Surrounding Location: Tranquil beauty between Rawai Beach and Laem Promthep.

> 7-Day Service: Flexible start for your health journey, available every day.

Our Winning Approach

Onsite Healthy Restaurant

Nutrition Simplified: Enjoy Balanced Meals & Digital Tracking

Adjacent to the reception and gym, our onsite healthy restaurant epitomizes PhuketFit's holistic approach to health & fitness. It offers nutritious, balanced meals from 7am-8pm, ensuring a perfect start with breakfast until 11am and catering to all your dietary needs throughout the day. Our on-site culinary team, led by an award-winning chef, crafts meals tailored to your health goals, with a vast 24-page menu of portion and calorie-controlled options. Complementing our dining service, we've partnered with a digital app for seamless food tracking, aligning your diet with your fitness objectives by customizing macronutrient profiles as needed.

Onsite Healthy Restaurant

Experts & Equipment

>Our Dedicated Team
Meet our group of health and fitness experts, each bringing unique talents and specialized skills to the table. Bound together by a shared commitment, we're here to launch your journey to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

>Visualize Your Transformation
Step into the future of fitness tracking with a 3D Avatar that mirrors the real-time evolution of your physique. At the heart of our approach is the innovative Fit3D Body Scanner, which constructs a detailed 3D model of you. This advanced technology not only tracks traditional metrics but also gives you a comprehensive view of your body's changes, from fat reduction to muscle gain and postural adjustments, making your fitness journey both measurable and visually motivating.

Experts & Equipment

Outdoor Relaxation

with aquatic facilities

> 15M Swimming Pool: Discover our 15m fitness purpose pool at PhuketFit, merging fitness with relaxation to boost your wellness journey.

> Gentle on Joints: Water's buoyancy allows for muscle-building, heart-boosting, and flexibility-enhancing exercises with less strain.

> Aquatic Fitness Variety: Dive into a range of water activities, from lap swimming to aqua aerobics, enriching your exercise routine.

> Relaxation Zone: Next to the pool, a sunlit area awaits relaxation and recovery, aiding in vitamin D synthesis for health.

PhuketFit's commitment shines in our new pool, crafted for a comprehensive fitness experience.

Outdoor Relaxation

Onsite Exercise Options

Elevate Your Workout: Sunshine, Serenity & Strength

Open-air Strength & Cardio Gym: Surrounded by Phuket's beauty, our main gym is open-air, complete with a protective roof, and offers a full suite of equipment for strength, conditioning, and cardio, allowing for all-weather workouts in a natural setting.

Muay Thai Fun & Fitness: Join our engaging Muay Thai classes, blending the thrill of Thailand's national sport with cardio fitness in a fun atmosphere.

Yoga & Pilates Studio: Discover tranquility and flexibility in our Mobility Studio, dedicated to yoga and Pilates, designed for peaceful progress.

Climate-Controlled Gym: Elevate your fitness with Olympic-grade SHUA equipment in our air-conditioned gym, accessible from 8 am-6 pm.

Onsite Exercise Options

Opening Times and Prices

Opening Times:
We are open 7 days a week, offering a comprehensive program that continuously runs. This gives you the flexibility to start your health and fitness journey on any day that suits you!

We offer a comprehensive Fitness and Weight-Loss Program with a daily pricing structure, with various accommodation preferences you can select. This starts at THB 3,295, with prices all inclusive of VAT and service charges. Explore the options and select the one that suits your needs for a holistic fitness and wellness experience, and contact us via the form below to discuss your requirements.

Directions and Travel

**For any guest staying onsite with us, we arrange a complimentary pick-up upon arrival.**

If you make your own way by car or taxi:
1. Exit the Phuket International Airport terminal and head south on Route 4031 (Thep Krasattri Road).
2. Stay on Route 4031 for approximately 35 kilometers until you reach a roundabout (Chalong Circle).
3. At the roundabout, take the third exit onto Route 4028 (Chao Fah West Road) and continue for about 5 kilometers.
4. Turn right onto Route 4233 (Viset Road) and drive for around 2.5 kilometers.
5. PhuketFit will be on your right side, located at Viset Road, Rawai.

Please note that traffic conditions can vary, so it's a good idea to check for real-time traffic updates before your journey.

Retreat Features and Activities

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