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Primordial Sound Meditation, UK Courses

Learn Primordial Sound Meditation... Reconnect with silence and discover your essence


Find focus energy creativity and a happier healthier life Primordial Sound Meditation Program by Deepak Chopra.

Courses are with a UK Qualified Instructor at The Retreat Company.

Discover Silence

Meditation allows us to discover the silence, the stillness, which creates an inner peacefulness and renews our energy for everyday life. As recognised benefits of meditation increase to include focus, creativity, vital energy, enhanced learning and performance, deeper self-awareness and a happier healthier lifestyle, it is becoming a popular practice. And anyone from the age of five upwards can benefit from the Primordial Sound Meditation Programme created by Drs Deepak Chopra and David Simon with UK instructors at The Retreat Company.

Sounds of the Earth

Meditate on the sounds of the earth

With Primordial Sound Meditation the vibrational energy at the time of your birth becomes your mantra. Your mantra is practiced silently daily guiding you inwards away from the hectic frenzy of your daily activity towards stillness, soothing your entire physiology and reconnecting you with your essence. Using ancient Vedic mathematics your Mantra is selected from nearly one hundred Primordial Sounds, which with practice becomes your own.

Vibrations of Nature

Primordial Sounds are the basic vibrations of nature. Some are audible such as the wind, the sea, our breathing. Others are silent vibrations such as the sounds of the plants sprouting and growing, the sound of the earth rotating and the silent rhythms of our bodies. We sense them internally.


Reconnect with your essence

Find focus energy, creativity and a happier healthier life.

With regular practice of meditation you will find a way to access greater fulfilment and understanding as it contributes to a happier, healthier and fuller life. You will begin to feel an increase in energy with vitality released from a deeper level of your nervous system and can become profoundly healing. And as you access this additional energy and clarity you will be enabled to accomplish more in a day.

Deepak Chopra

Dr Deepak Chopra created the Primordial Sound Meditation Programme with Dr David Simon and explains the importance of meditation "If you were to ask me what was the most important experience of my life I would say it was learning to meditate. For me that is the most important thing a person can do to restore harmony and evolve to a higher state of consciousness."

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