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5-Day One-on-One Private Counseling Retreat in the Swiss Alps

Talking and walking in nature, keeping momentum and being relaxed are significant factors for successful counseling.


Martina is a licensed counselor in Adlerian Psychology offering Private Retreats with walk-and-talk intensive therapy in Scuol, Switzerland.
For this progressive and transformative vacation, you arrange your hotel and travel according to your needs. In the mornings and afternoons, you meet Martina for counseling.
The service is for individuals, executives, couples, parents, and parents with teenagers.
This Private Intensive Counseling Retreat equals 13 months of bi-weekly counseling, including the assessment before retreating, 5 days (22 h) counseling, and 3 follow-up online sessions.
Send us an email to arrange a preliminary free call with Martina.


Therapy should not be another weekly squeezed appointment in your calendar

• Counseling has a more powerful all-embracing effect when you are rested and relaxed.
• Keeping momentum is one of the significant advantages of Intensive Counseling Retreats.
• You can achieve more in a few days of intensive talks than in months-long counseling every week.
• The reason why recreational clinics are close to nature is that nature has a healing effect.
• Walking with visual distractions eases the conversations and creates a natural atmosphere during the sessions.
• Physical movement will help you to work through difficult issues or get "unstuck" very quickly.
• Being away from your everyday life enables you to commit entirely to your decision for change.



The service is for individuals, parents, executives, and couples.

• Individuals - if you have undergone trauma or feel you experience aspects of life, including relationships, as a struggle.
• Executives - if you feel alone, exhausted, fearful, or unfulfilled in the role as a leader.
• Couples - that want to avoid down-spirling in angry conversations, remove resentment of past issues, heal and improve the relationship.
• Parents - if you are worried or not proud of the family's tone and behavior. The counseling method is to reflect and receive advice and tools for a healthy and mature parenting style.
• A Parent and their teenager - if you are in constant power fights and are desperate to restore trust and respectful communication.

The Location

Scuol is located in the Lower Engadin, a valley in the Swiss Alps

The land on which Scuol was built has marvelous healing powers. Since 1864, the town has been hosting guests who come to be cured by drinking from the twenty natural carbonated mineral water. Some healing springs contain calcium and iron, while others have high quantities of sulfate, sodium, chloride, or magnesium.
The people speak Romansh, the fourth national language of Switzerland. Through their cultural values, village characteristics, and history, they present a very different Switzerland.
The largest town of the Lower Engadine is Scuol. Tarasp, with the famous castle, and Sent are the towns nearby, all located at the foot of the Swiss National Park.

The Location


Testimonial from a couple and two individuals

I felt very safe and comfortable during our walks. We have not been talking that openly and in such a constructive way since years.
Talking about difficult topics and the freedom of being in nature makes this a perfect combination I can recommend to everyone.
After a couple of failed and expensive attempts at therapy I landed with Martina. Her approach with the initial retreat in Scuol was eye opening, friendly and constructive. Her methods fit very well with my analytical and goal oriented approach to life and work. Today, after 6 months of work with Martina there are no more big issues or tensions to resolve. I'm grateful for being recommended to work with Martina and I continue to set new goals.


Your Retreat

Free call for more information

Email us to arrange a preliminary free call with Martina to learn more about her work and to discuss the dates you would like to retreat.
In Scuol, you won't need a car. Please check with your hotel for packages that include public transport and the spa Bogn Engiadina.

Your Retreat


You choose the hotel according to your needs.

Our meeting point at the beginning of the sessions is in front of the hotel you have chosen.

Here is a list of various hotels in different categories:
The Youth Hostel offers shared rooms, single, and double rooms
Pensiunina is a bed-and-breakfast
Hotel Bellaval is open all year with in-house spa
Hotel Arnica has an in-house wellness area
Hotel Guardaval is a boutique hotel with direct access to the town’s bathing area.
Hotel Chastè is a suite hotel with gourmet restaurant
The Scuol tourist information will be happy to show you more options and additional information.


Wellness in Scuol

Information about the town's bathing area with pure mineral water

Before or after our sessions, the Bogn Engiadina is the perfect place for bathing, relaxing, drinking mineral water, going to the sauna, or having a massage.
In Bogn Engiadina’s bathing area you have a choice of six indoor and outdoor pools with massage jets, bubbles, waterfalls and a swim-current channel, as well as a brine pool.

Wellness in Scuol

Opening Times and Prices

The private counseling retreat is offered all year.

Directions and Travel

The closest airports are Zurich and Innsbruck.
You can reach Scuol in 2½ hours by train from Zurich and enjoy the landscape comfortably.
The public transportation from Innsbruck to Scuol is mainly by bus and is less convenient.
You will find plenty of charging spaces in town if you travel with an e-car.

Retreat Features and Activities

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