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Exclusive 5* Wellness Retreat in Private Algarve Resort

This retreat can help if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, loss, physical pain, long term pain, weight issues, fear, abuse or other medically unexplained symptoms


A leading psychological-based wellness retreat, with bespoke packages created to meet your exact needs, maximising impact and change with a 100% success record

You will join just 9 other people at our large private resort, working closely with our team of experts to help transform your life. The program includes 1-2-1 consultations, holistic therapies & treatments, workshops, yoga, meditation, excursions, access to all the facilities and gut-cleansing organic food, helping you change from the inside out.

Each retreat is written exclusively for those attending, thus enhancing long-term success. You are not expected to fit into a generic format like others.

This is the gold standard of holistic health retreats. Visit our website for more info.


ALL INCLUSIVE - entire programme, all consultations & holistic treatments

Airport transfers
5 nights/6 day psychological retreat in private resort
full use of the facilities including pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, studio + games area
A custom-created programme designed around you to maximise impact + results
All healthy meals designed for you and created by our own cook + unlimited drinks
All yoga/fitness/meditation classes (for all levels)
Healthy lifestyle + transformation workshops
Nutrition workshops
All 1-2-1 consultations and holistic therapies included in a package, with the option to add to this if you so wish


A typical day

07:30: Wake up call + hydrate
08:00: Yoga class
09:00: Healthy breakfast / fast
09:45: Personal Time / Consultations & Therapies
11:45: HiiT Class
12:30: Lunch
13:15: Workshop
14:30: Personal Time / Consultations + Therapies (or excursion)
17:00: Meditation Class
18:00: Quiet time
19:00: Dinner
20:00: Entertainment / Interactive Workshop
21:30: End of day

A typical day


some of the most common questions & answers

What's included in the price?
telephone consult with Lilly, airport transfers, your own room (unless sharing), the entire retreat programme, all food, drink, use of the facilities.

When do I pay?
You pay the deposit when you book, the balance 6 weeks before and any treatments/therapies etc are settled on the last day of the retreat.

What's not included in the package?
Your flights & treatments. Your treatment package will be discussed on your pre-retreat consult

I am feeling nervous about going. Will I be OK?
If you weren't nervous, you'd be the only one! We take very good care of you and are always on hand if you need anything

Can I talk to someone before booking?
Of course. Call us during business hours - we will be happy to answer any questions you might have


Holistic Treatment List

In addition to 1-1 consultations with Lilly

Shangrila Hand, Scalp + Foot Massage with detoxifying Castor Oil Liver Treatment
Luxury Saltmousse Exfoliating Glow
Clinical Diagnostic Reflexology
Luxury Reflexology + Grounding
Tropical Indian Head Massage
Traditional Full Body Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Stress Elimination Massage
Japanese Hand Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Back Neck + Shoulder Massage.

See what is included in your package. You may wish to enhance your package further with more treatments. There is a charge for adding treatments to your package.

Holistic Treatment List

Is 6 days really enough?

For the vast majority of issues, yes. We have however already identified that we are all unique and if additional time is required, it's easy to book online or clinical appointments with Lilly before and/or after the retreat. We support you from the moment you book on... A Life Right Retreat is not a one-off experience, it can be a life-long relationship to your health, wellbeing and happiness.

Get in touch and with your private (no obligation) telephone consultation with Lilly, she can discuss what's best for you.

Is 6 days really enough?

Any UK retreats?

What? And miss all that sunshine?!

In the Algarve, we have a private resort with pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, hammocks, games area and gorgeous warm sunshine. There is not a comparable venue in the UK that comes close and if it did, the retreat cost would be much more, not to mention the travel.
At the time of writing, we can fly return from LGW to Faro for £44. For example, the train ticket from Gatwick to Plymouth costs 4 times as much and takes almost twice as long!
As the UK weather is also very unpredictable, you would have to find a venue that offers enough indoor activities & entertainment. There is no such affordable venue that compares to everything our Algarve retreats offer.

Any UK retreats?

Can you help with...

We are blessed to have a highly acclaimed team of experts who can help make a real change to your life. We can help those experiencing (or have experienced) anxiety, abuse, neglect, trauma, stress, rape, bereavement, grief, long-term pain, lack of focus, confidence or direction, weight issues, relationship problems (home or work), unexplained medical symptoms and more.
If you don't feel as you want to or should, there is a way forward. Call us to talk about how we can help transform your life. Book on a Life Right Retreat today.

Can you help with...

How large is the group?

We only accept a maximum of 10 people on each retreat. This is so we can give each person the individual care and attention they need, to tailor their personal transformational journey whilst you are with us. We have a staff to 'retreaters' ratio of 1:1 and there is always someone there to help, listen and care for you.

In a resort with a capacity of 34, there's always plenty of space and never any queueing for anything

How large is the group?


We have some rooms which are 'accessible'. The paths between the accommodation and common areas are quite bumpy, but there's always someone around to help. Please let us know when you book if you need anything to make your stay easier.

Eco Practices

We recycle EVERYTHING!
As we have our own large organic allotment, the vast majority of fruit and vegetables we cook on the retreat are grown here.

Opening Times and Prices

Life Right Retreats are run throughout the year.

Our retreats typically cost £1450 + treatments, or you can opt for an all inclusive package for just £1,950 - £2335 depending on your treatment package. All prices are shown on our website.

Directions and Travel

We provide airport transfers to/from Faro airport. When you book, we will let you know which flights to book, to ensure you arrive in good time for the transfers & start of the retreat.

Retreat Features and Activities

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