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Heal from toxic relationships to feel confident & loved: 3 day retreat

Heal trauma bonding and end the anxiety so you can have loving and healthy relationships without dragging in the past that's holding you back


If you ever (current or past relationships) walked on eggshells, bent backwards to keep other people happy, or you stayed quiet because you didn't want to 'rock the boat', we can help.
At our retreat we move you from feeling anxious and unappreciated to feeling loved, confident and worthy.
I am Dr Sarah Alsawy-Davies, Specialist Clinical Psychologist and I designed a special program to help you heal relationship anxieties and trauma bonding, so you can have a happier and healthier relationship. Whether relationship anxieties are recent or stem from the past, we end the negative cycle. We use scientifically proven methods to neurologically rewire your subconscious and change behaviour patterns so you can attract care, feel appreciated and have your needs met - with love and confidence.

Day 1

Relationship Blockages: What's stopping you have healthy a relationship

Several therapy techniques are used including cognitive behavioural therapy, cognitive analytical therapy, attachment theory and schema therapy. We use these to understand:
1. What led to the difficult relationship
2. What interpersonal relationship patterns kept you stuck
3. What stopped you from having a better relationship

We create a safe space and through group work, live attachment experiments, interpersonal testing, and introspection exercises, we map your current ways of:
- How you view other people
- How you view yourself (in your and other people's eyes)
- How you may inadvertently self-sabotage and behave in unhelpful ways

Day 1

Day 2

Rewire Self and Relationships: Creating a healthy relationship dynamics

We draw on epigenetics and use scientific methods to neurologically rewire your subconscious, so you can:
1. Let go of the anxieties and trauma that hold you back
2. Stop behaving in ways that are detrimental to you
3. Start behaving in ways that attract the love and care you deserve

Techniques used include cognitive analytical, attachment, psychodynamic interpersonal, dialectics, compassion focused therapy, and communication linguistics. We integrate these through group tasks, trust exercises, visual imagery, mindfulness, guided meditations, and behaviour testing. We learn to:
- Leave what does not serve us
- Deserve and demand respect
- Communicate our experiences and have our needs met

Day 2

Day 3

You are worthy: Building your confidence and openness to receive love

At the final day, we examine the relationship with the self - as we are our only constant home. The aim is to:
1. Recognise your self-worth
2. Connect to and become grounded within yourself
3. Practice self-compassion and self-love

Using compassionate focused and cognitive analytical therapy techniques, we engage in exercises including letter writing, gift giving, mindfulness, guided meditations, and self-reflection.

We solidify your sense of self so you feel grounded, safe, secure, and valued. You begin to:
- Accept love
- Feel you deserve to be loved
- Allow your injured parts to experience compassion

You will feel so secure and confident that you can leave the retreat knowing your relationships will improve, reflecting what you know you deserve.

Day 3

100s of satisfied clients

5* Reviews and testimonials

Dozens of satisfied clients have found the work involved in the retreat beneficial in helping them let go of the troubled past, heal from anxieties, and have happier relationships where they feel confident, respected, and loved. They found the tools and techniques to have that ideal relationship where they are no longer walking on eggshells but they are relaxed, smiling, and laughing as they know they are valued and appreciated.

Some testimonials are included below. For more, please head over to the website

100s of satisfied clients

Therapy - One to one

Individualised Therapy

Prior the retreat, we offer you a one to one private assessment to ensure that the therapy program is suitably tailored to your needs.

Throughout the 3 day retreat, we offer additional one to one therapy contact that is bespoke to your experiences, difficulties, and anxieties. This supplements work that is completed within the group therapy setting, with the aim that all parts of the puzzle fit together, feeling more complete, and that the content of the entire retreat is aligned to your circumstances, relationship with others, and self-relationship.

If suitable, we also offer one to one therapy a few weeks following the end of the retreat to support maintenance of progress.

Therapy - One to one

Therapy - Group

Group Therapy

A maximum of 5 people at any group.

Scientific research evidences that when we experienced anxious relationships, it not only affects how we are with our partner but problematic patterns also come up in other areas. We might find ourselves constantly:
- People pleasing
- Criticising ourselves (and / or others)
- Feeling like we are not good enough
- Feeling we have been abandoned or neglected
- Holding onto others for dear life OR staying distant from others

Within the group, we work through these patterns live so we can neurologically rewire our thoughts, behaviours and emotions. We then automatically start to feel free of restraints and we start having healthier relationships and boundaries with others and self.

Therapy - Group

Holistic Therapy

We combine mind, body and soul for the perfect recipe

Throughout the retreat, we walk you through different forms of therapy, combined in a holistic way, to provide you the best of science and nature.

We dig deep and rewire your relationships, thoughts, feelings and behaviours through talking therapies in individual and group settings. Through specialised techniques, we process the traumas and learn how hold boundaries, communicate so we are heard, and assert our worth. We use the art of yoga and mindfulness to help you find your centre and reconnect with your mind, body and soul. Using science, we allow natural trapped tense and distressing emotions to escape so that we can let go of what has been preventing us from moving forward. We root ourselves in nature, and by connecting to the elements, we find balance in ourselves and others.

Holistic Therapy

How we are different

Innovative and scientifically proven treatments to heal

Many people have previously tried improving things by:
- Having therapy (1-1, couples, or group)
- Self-care activities (exercise, hair, nails, bubble baths, lighting candles)
- Speak to their family and friends
- Speaking (kind of) to partner

Although these things may help, research suggests that the longevity of their effectiveness is limited - meaning it doesn't last long. People often come back saying they're struggling with the same problems after a period of time.

Our program is new and different, showing you how we use science to change the core so you can have a happier and more fulfilling relationship with others and yourself.

How we are different

Retreat setting

Where we are located and why

Our retreats are held in the Lake District, in a large house with plenty of green forests and fields around, beside a large lake of calming water.

The location is chosen for its tranquil vibe, secluded atmosphere, and bringing you closer to mother nature. This is to help you get back to what really matters so you can feel more grounded and more at peace. We take you away from your busy schedule, with your phone ringing and your emails pinging, and instead we have created a relaxing atmosphere for you. Breathe the fresh air deeply, as at this moment, your focus is completely on you and your wellbeing.

Retreat setting

Your private space

At the retreat, you will have your own private double bedroom with luxurious bedsheets, fresh towels, bathrobe and slippers for comfort. Depending on the number of guests, you will either have a private bathroom (or ensuite), or you may share a bathroom with 1 other person.

Your private space

My Mission & Values

Introduction to who am I and why I am doing this

Welcome to the new you.

I'm Dr Sarah and I started Relationship Retreat to help people with anxiety and traumas relating to their relationships and attachments with others. As humans we need to be loved and connected - to both others and ourselves. When we experience problematic relationships, instead we are left feeling like we are not good enough. This spirals out of control and we neglect ourselves in the hope that 'things get better', but they don't.

Combining professional expertise with personal experiences, I am determined to help others heal, find self-worth, and have better relationships. Instead of taking MONTHS to complete therapy, I specially designed this scientifically proven program to support recovery in 3 days.

My Mission & Values

Dates of retreat

Limited spaces which are quickly taken - Book NOW

We are hosting the retreat for the following dates - very few spaces left so please contact us to reserve your spot. You can do this via deposit and payment plans available.

- 2-4th Dec 2022
- 3-5th Feb 2023
- 3-5th Mar 2023
- 31st Mar - 2nd Apr 2023
- 5-7th May 2023


We welcome people who experience different levels of ability and we would accommodate accordingly - please let us know in advance for any special requirements. Some of that we accommodate include those who are hard of hearing or have limited vision.
Unfortunately the bedrooms are not accessible for wheelchairs or physical impairments.

Eco Practices

The catered food is locally sourced, vegan, sustainable food as we show awareness and appreciation for maintaining mother nature.

Opening Times and Prices

Retreats are held monthly, typically first Friday-Sunday of every month. Next 2 retreat dates include: 2-4th December 2022, 3-5th February 2023.
Due to the limited spaces available, advanced bookings and reservations is advised.
Each retreat is 3 days, Friday - Sunday. Therapy for each day is 10am-5pm. We remain at the retreat location for the 3 days. Members will have plenty of breaks and personal time throughout.
You may contact us via email or telephone. We aim to respond to contacts and requests within 24 hours.
The price for the retreat is £1950, which covers 3 day stay, therapy and catering. However, if an additional night is required due to travel arrangements, this can be arranged with at an additional cost.

Directions and Travel

You may travel here through various methods:
By car:
- From your point of origin, follow the M61 and M6 northbound to A590 in Cumbria.
- Take exit 36 from the M6
- Follow A590 and B5277 to Rockland Road, Grange-Over-Sands
By public transport:
- From your point of origin, you can get a train to Lancaster to Borrow In Furness, and an onward journey to Grange-Over-Sands.
- From Grange-Over-Sands train stop, it is around 18 minute walk to the property at Rockland Road.

Retreat Features and Activities

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