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Wellness & Yoga Break in South of Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)

A wellness holiday program that will give you a balanced flow of activities needed to focus on yourself and enjoying the warm winter sun!


What can you expect from this wellness program?

We will practice Yoga and Mindfulness in the mornings, and engage you in Wellness session activities or indulging Massages in the evenings. You also have the option to try a Windsurfing class instead of the massages, if you like! If you come for a whole week, we will include a whole-day hiking trip towards astonishing volcano landscapes, and meditate with spectacular nature and scenery around us.

Your accommodation is a private room in a beautiful 4-star hotel, just in front of the beach! Here you have outdoor pools, a Spa with massage salons, and jacuzzis, and amazing views over the Atlantic Ocean from your room!

Eco Practices

We at MBestcare take environmental practices seriously, and commit to take actions to help lower the impact on global warming, a healthy nature and contribute to the local economy. We support the guidelines set for the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s), created for the United Nations Development Programme.
MBestcare is accredited by Biosphere International for its Sustainable tourism practices on several areas of actions.

Opening Times and Prices

All our programs are bookable any date throughout the year!

Wellness & Yoga Break in South of Tenerife

€949 / person in a shared room if booking is made for two.
€1199 / person in a private individual room

7% local taxes (IGIC) are not included in the prices.

Directions and Travel

You will be accommodated in hotel Arenas del Mar, a four star hotel in the picturesque town of El Medano, in the south of Tenerife.

Retreat Features and Activities

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