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Relaxation and Wellness Break in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Escape for a Wellness break to the Canary Islands, to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate with Massages, Mindfulness or Yoga classes, in a 4-star hotel in beautiful environments!


A rejuvenating Wellness and Relaxation Holiday Break in the Canary Islands!
The Relaxation Break has been designed to help you re-establish a connection between your body and mind, and to provide you with the chance to find back your balance, by lowering your stress levels and focusing on yourself. You engage in Mindfulness or Yoga practices in the mornings, given in the beautiful environments of green 4* hotel area. You will engage in activities that help you let go of tension and worries, such as with a variety of Massages to improve your blood flow: Ayurveda, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, and a Massage given with a Sound bath therapy (live instruments) for complete relaxation. Enjoy warm climate, the pure nature of volcanic, and the exotic green environments of northern Tenerife and Ocean.

Eco Practices

We at MBestcare take environmental practices seriously, and commit to take actions to help lower the impact on global warming, a healthy nature and contribute to the local economy. We support the guidelines set for the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s), created for the United Nations Development Programme.
MBestcare is accredited by Biosphere International for its Sustainable tourism practices on several areas of actions.

Opening Times and Prices

All our programs are bookable any date throughout the year.
Relaxation & Wellness Break in the North of Tenerife
€999 / person in a shared room if booking is made for two.
€1499 / person in a private individual room
7% local taxes (IGIC) are not included in the prices.

Directions and Travel

Our wellness and massage center is located in the green Taoro Park, in Puerto de la Cruz (north Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain).
All our programs include private airport transfers from / to any of the two airports on the island (TFS and TFN).
There are two airports on the island, TFS and TFN (Tenerife South and Tenerife North). Direct flights are available from many airports in Europe, with low-cost airlines operating the route. As a licensed travel agent in the Canary Islands, we will gladly assist in booking your flights for an additional price, upon request.
Once you arrive at the airport, we will wait for you in the airport arrival hall with an MBestcare sign, and drive you to your hotel (this is included in the cost).

Retreat Features and Activities

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