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Rest & Restore Holistic Retreats (UK)

Dreaming of some quality ME-time? To rest, refresh and kick-start some lovely self-care.


Book your very own personalised Retreat and kick-start some lovely self-care!
2, 3 or 4 x nights available .

Join your host, Charlotte - a qualified holistic practitioner - for tasty, nutritious meals or come and detox!

Receive daily holistic guidance and choose either a massage, therapy or a personal development activity, also included in your stay.

- Explore the nature reserve, swim in the sea or just enjoy listening to the waves on this idyllic unspoiled beach.

- Rest, read, chill-out, journal and just 'BE'!

- Plus, exceptional Yoga Classes and a Detox & Colonic available to pre-book.

Simply put, this is a relaxed, safe space to drop the mask, let go of what no longer serves you and reconnect to Self.

Please message me with your preferred dates.

Testimonials 2022


'I felt the Retreat was enlightening. I came as part of an emotional healing process and some time-out, was exactly what I needed.

I immediately felt comfortable around Charlotte (not something easy for me), she offers a safe place to open up, explore your feelings and connect with nature and with yourself.

I came back rejuvenated, rested and happier with my life and with a new approach towards the future.

The scenery is lovely and peaceful, the house is cosy, welcoming. I definitely recommend to anyone trying to connect with their feelings.'
Carla -London

'Another visit, this time 3 amazing adventurous, yet relaxing, yoga-packed days. Thanks for your conversation, I really enjoy it, and for all the delicious food. Am feeling I want to come back again!'
Carla -Oct 22

Testimonials 2022

Why Come On Your Own?

The body only heals when we rest!

'I had an exceptional stay at Charlotte's. She went above and beyond to ensure my health and well-being needs were met. I cannot be more grateful for her innovative idea of a personal retreat. Charlotte was very easy to talk to, full of wisdom and guided me on the most beautiful walks. I highly recommend.'
Bhavisha - Birmingham

'I so enjoyed my stay with you. The massage was so relaxing, the Kinesiology enlightening and empowering, the food scrumptious, the walks bracing and the talks very special. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.'
Eileen - Romsey

'I'm thankful the universe brought me to you. I cannot remember the last time I felt so free and relaxed. I will take my newly found tools and continue my journey. With much gratitude.'
Kristine - London

Why Come On Your Own?

What's on Offer?

To help you let-go, unwind and relax...

NB: If you are experiencing a mental or health crisis, or pain - please call your GP/Specialist now!

2 x nights - £495
3 x nights - £595
4 x nights - £695

All included:
Room, meals, refreshments, parking, a guided walk and talk, your choice of 'Treat', holistic wellness guidance, sea-swim buddy and a free PQ profile.

Treats on offer:

~ Therapeutic Body Massage : hands-on to release knots, tension, improve circulation, deeply relax

~ Kinesiology: rebalance mind, body and emotions, set new intentions

~ Manifest your future with a vision board

~ Healing your chakras with the Healy

Extras = £60/hr

I have a lifetime's experience with an amazing toolkit. We can chat through what might suit you best.

- Yoga Class £17
- Colonic £80

What's on Offer?

Delicious Meals

Let Food be your Medicine!

I enjoy a mostly mediterranean diet (organic where possible) and will send you a check-list, asking for your preferences, before you arrive.

Self Serve Breakfast:

- Quality fruit, cereals, juice, toast, smoothies, yoghurt, nuts, seeds, clipper and pukka teas and great coffee.

Brunch / Lunch:

You choose! eg: poached eggs on avocado toast - veggies galore - spinach frittata - scrambled eggs and mushrooms - porridge etc!

Or nutrition packed soups, salads, wraps, picnic lunches.
Fruit and refreshments always available.

~ 2-course delicious evening meal (wine available)

We eat together, share stories, make plans for the next day!

Want to detox? (scroll down to find out more) I provide all the ingredients to detox safely so you can cleanse with ease and grace.

Delicious Meals

Your Bespoke Retreat

What to expect...

This is a safe, supportive space, for you to relax, reconnect and restore energy levels. We keep it simple, plan around your wants and needs and the weather!

Arrival Day:

3-5pm Check-in, refreshments
-Orientation guided walk
7ish Dinner by the fire, plan the next day

Daily Structure:

Breakfast or Lie-in
- Activity / Free Time
Lunch - holistic guidance
- Afternoon Treat / Free Time
7pm Dinner, relax, share stories, plan the next day

Departure Day:

- Activity / Free time
- Setting Intentions, what to take forwards

Depart by 2pm

Free Time = walks, yoga, reflect, read, swim, journal, draw, meditate or simply just BE!

Your Bespoke Retreat

How to Book

Book Via The Retreat Company

*Not suitable if you have a cat allergy.

Includes large, sunny double room with separate bathroom, all meals and refreshments, holistic wellness guidance, free parking, direct beach access.

Plus a massage, therapy or personal development activity of your choice.

- Contact me on the Host button with your preferred dates and email address - I respond within 24 hours via email, and will invoice you with payment options (50% deposit available)

On receipt of payment, I send a receipt with a confirmation email with travel options, my contacts and a form for you to complete your dietary and therapeutic preferences, to make the most of your personalised Retreat!

(3% to Amnesty Intl, Greenpeace, WaterAid for Global Transformation)

Scroll down for T&C's. Thank you.

How to Book

Your Host

About Charlotte Wickins ICPKP EMBA

A professional holistic wellbeing practitioner, solo-mum (daughter now 25!) lover of the great outdoors, the sea, living an intuitive, balanced life.

A passion for cooking from scratch, tasty, nutritious food. I also love to help people slow down, listen-in, to feel better about themselves.

Lesser known facts:
- sailed from New Zealand to the UK - it took all my courage to face my fears.
- studied 1,200 hours Kinesiology, to help heal myself, my mother and be a better solo parent.
- created a Holistic Wellbeing Centre filled with practitioners, but my lack of boundaries, meant I burned-out in the process!

I always wanted somewhere nourishing, healing and inspirational to go to. To de-stress, relax, have some fun and recharge my batteries – now I have created it at home!

Your Host

Optional Yoga?

Yoga with 'Blessed' at The Cowshed

If you have always wanted to feel stronger and more connected to your body, try Yoga!

Already a Yogi - this is a must!

~ Blessed Yoga Classes, at The Cowshed Studio, (8 minutes drive away), in Sidlesham.

Come with me and Blessed will give you a class for FREE!
The view is awesome from the sun deck and in the winter the log fire keeps us warm and toasty!

Or plug in to a Blessed Yoga 'Online' Class, in the privacy of your room!

Taught by Owner Niki Perry and her exceptional team of mindful Yoga Teachers. If you want to give it a go, we can book you in when you arrive - if you are already a Yogi, bring your mat!

Optional Yoga?

Optional Cleanse?

Want to Detox the easy way!

Gut-health is vital to absorb the nutrients from your food, maintain brain health and wellbeing.

Use this precious rest-time, to detox with ease and grace!

1) We ease you in with veggies, salads, decaf coffee & herbal teas, fruit.

2) Rid the body of toxins with a Colonic!
- I arrange your visit to local expert Morag Moulsdale ARCH qualified Colonic Therapist and Homeopath, at West Sussex Colonics.
(NB: Subject to availability)

3) You detox effortlessly, with fruit, smoothies, salads, soups and healthy homemade vegan meals over 2-4 days.

Plus, I can provide you with a Purify Kit (extra), to heal the gut and cleanse safely at home, whilst eating healthy meals.

You leave, feeling lighter, clearer and in control and ready to digest life and take on your world!

Optional Cleanse?

Testimonials 2022

With Gratitude!

I had an incredible, restful stay at Charlotte's. It was an amazing respite to spend some time by myself reading and walking, whilst being in such an amazing location with a wonderful host. Charlotte made the best wholesome food, was amazing at massage and had the best stories. I feel privileged to have stayed, would wholly recommend to anyone who needs some RandR.
Santino - London

Charlotte is a wonderful host. Excellent company when you need it but respectful of your privacy if you need complete quiet. The house is cosy, in an amazing location, I thoroughly enjoyed the coastal walks as well as being snuggled up with a good book. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding wellness. I was looking to step away from the daily pressures, I feel rested and nourished.

Clare - Reading

Testimonials 2022

More Feedback

Let the Healing begin...

Charlottes retreat is absolutely wonderful. A complete 1 to 1 time for oneself, either totally alone or with company. Charlotte offers quiet support, safety and comfort, nourishment and love through the way she offers so many options of how to spend your time there. From holistic treatments to good food, an extremely comfortable bed, warmth, and a view with a chair to just die for. In fact, the chair is the perfect place to just sit, rejuvenate, recall, plan ahead, visualise, meditate, read, smile and cry. Definitely a space to relax, rewind and recover. Highly recommend.
Fiona (Ireland)
Beautiful location to rest, enjoy nature and quiet. Charlotte was fabulous - great communication, and joyful - she prepared lovely meals as well. Highly recommended.
Casey (Jerusalem)

More Feedback


Our Value Exchange

Life happens!
~If extenuating circumstances occur, please contact me asap - all cancellation requests must be put in writing via email.

To reassure you, my cancellation policy is as most venues:

1) Up to 30 days before: Other dates will be offered to you, upon request of cancellation, or a full refund is given less admin fee of £50.

2) Less than 30 day’s notice, but more than 7 days before, other dates will be offered to you, or a 50% refund is given less admin fee.

3) Less than 7 days before the retreat, no fees will be refunded as I will have incurred all costs.

NB: A full refund is always given if another booking takes your place less admin fee.
-This also applies if I have to cancel for reasons beyond my control and I have offered you other dates.



From the car park - there is an even path leading up to front of the house, allowing for bags with wheels to be easily transported. The Guest Room is on the first floor up a flight of stairs. The bathroom is opposite the Guest Room. To make the most of the space, and the location, guests must be able to climb stairs easily.

Eco Practices

The new duvet and pillows are made from recycled materials.
I support the circular economy so most furniture is either antique, second-hand, upcycled or recycled.
Organic food is used where possible and my waste composted.
Cleaning materials are chosen and considered 'clean' for their impact on the planet and sustainability.
There are no street lights here and the night skies are a spectacle on a clear night, we respect the wildlife and birdlife and expect you to respect them too.

Opening Times and Prices

The R&R Holistic Retreat (UK) is generally open all year round.

Guests are booked on a first come, first serve basis, and bookings are usually limited to 3 or 4 guests a month.

-Check-in 3-5pm
-Departure by 1pm

Specifically designed for individuals to rest and restore with support to kick-start the healing process.

~ £199/extra night- all inclusive

~ Includes transfer to Chichester Train or Bus station if required.

Directions and Travel

BY CAR head to PO20 9DS

Take the A27 to Chichester.
Exit onto B2146 to Hunston and Selsey.
Go past Sidlesham,
Go past Old Piggery Farmshop on your right,
Turn next sharp LEFT into RECTORY LANE,
Same corner as Nature's Way Foods.

Take First RIGHT into GRANGE LANE,
(private lane) Before the field at end is
CHAYNE COTTAGE, on right side, in row of cottages.
Park in small, fenced car park on right, and call me, so I can come and help you with your bags!

Take Portsmouth or Southampton lines out of London Victoria direct to Chichester. There are both fast and slow trains.
Alongside the Train Station is a Bus Station. Take the no. 51 to Selsey Bill. (every 15 mins)
Get off at Norton Corner, Rectory Lane. Call me and I will pick you up!

Retreat Features and Activities

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