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Rosamund House Retreat - Awaken To The Benefits Of Mindful Awareness

Mindfulness Meditation is beneficial on three levels of life: benefits to academics, benefits to mental health and benefits metaphysically. Coaching in Mindfulnes is our passion.


In the world of Business and Academia, we need to be able to concentrate on the work in hand. This is the reason companies and universities train their staff in mindfulness. They reap the rewards! People who have any form of mental health issues, benefit from the regular practice of Mindfulness. On a metaphysical level, you are much more than you think. Anna challenges you to look at Who you really are, and provides you with the insight to do so. It takes time to develop the practice of being in the present moment, when you become aware of your immense Presence. Humans need to awaken from the daze created by the windmills of their minds, that repetitive thinking which has been circulating perhaps for years, planted or dredged up, to no end, other than pain.

Rosamund House Retreats

Mindfulness Meditation: Insights into Metaphysics and Holistic Health

Enjoy the peace and relaxation of a therapeutic holiday by the sea while improving your health in body, mind and spirit.
We offer detoxifying healthy meals, but feel free to bring fruit or snacks of your choice on this short holistic break.
Rosamund House is a modest and peaceful place, to simply Be, with a courtyard garden and Summer house for quiet activity.
The dry run ski centre in Christchurch with its many associated activities is also well worth a visit and a stroll along the River Stour (stopping at the Old Mill gift shop and tea rooms) takes you to the historic 10th century Christchurch Priory.
For those who would enjoy a day trip to beautiful Bournemouth, we offer One-day Retreats on a Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by appointment.

Rosamund House Retreats


A Healing Pathway to Holistic Health

Individual consultations are offered to anyone in need of the following:
LIFE COACHING: Discover your aims and objectives in life.
CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: Learn to cope or deal with conflict.
DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Guidance: Just mediate, don’t squabble!
RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING: Ways to keep your communication ongoing.
GRIEF COUNSELLING: Manage your feelings of bereavement and separation
to help you regain a foothold on life.
MARRIAGE GUIDANCE: Make sure to keep your marriage happy and alive.
CONSCIOUS AWARENESS: Mindfulness enables you to appreciate all life so as to
connect with it.
METAPHYSICAL SCIENCE: Release the power of your mind to heal your life.
You decide if you wish to take up any of the above during your visit. You only need to ask.

Area - Bournemouth/Poole

Explore the places of interest in Beautiful Bournemouth and Poole

In the afternoon and evening, you can explore beautiful Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Harbour.
These tailor-made therapeutic holidays take place in our venue, not far from the sea mid-way between Bournemouth and Poole. It is just about a ten-minute car ride to the sea or the town centres of Bournemouth or Poole where you will find a variety of shops and eateries. The famously upmarket area of Sandbanks in Poole is approximately an 8 minute drive from Penn Hill and Bournmouth with its white sandy beaches, palms and stunning coastline is a 10 minute drive away. A visit to Poole Quay with its many fine restaurants, boats and marina and under cover shopping centre makes for a very pleasant day out.  A ferry from Sandbanks can also be taken across to Brownsea Island.

Area - Bournemouth/Poole


We can accept a degree of disability, for example someone who has some mobility even with the use of walking aids. We do have a double front door to allow wheelchair access on the ground floor. There is also a downstairs cloakroom. However we do not have a downstairs bedroom, but there is a chair-lift as an alternative to the stairs to take you to the bedrooms on the first floor. The guests’ lounge, dining room and kitchen are all conveniently situated on the same floor as the meditation room.

Eco Practices

Here at the Retreat Centre we practise a recycling policy.
We collect our grass clippings and dead leaves from potato plants to maintain a compost pile.
We source local produce and grow some of our own vegetables and herbs.
We also grow apples, grapes and passion fruit.
We use energy efficiently and practise water efficiency and conservation.
We conserve on electricity gas and water so as to use energy efficiently and avoid waste.
We make use of natural light as much as possible.
We adhere to practices which reduce pollution. e.g., no smoking walking when possible, no smoking.
We also have bicycles for exploring the area, or going to the shops

Opening Times and Prices

The rate is £250 for two persons in the same room on a 3-day weekend retreat; or £150 for a single occupant. A request for an exclusive retreat usually carries a supplement of £10 pp.pn. We would also state that extra days can be arranged at £30 per night. The rate includes continental breakfast, kitchen facilities are available for a light lunch. You are welcome to share Anna's evening meal or treat yourself at one of the local restaurants. We are continuing to comply with the measures required by the Government in the interests of health and safety. Those wishing to attend our courses, should have been vaccinated by then. Our space is large enough to permit social distancing and guests can wear their masks although up to 6 persons are now allowed to gather indoors.

Directions and Travel

From Bournemouth Airport to Poole it is 19 minutes by car, but there are buses too. The M2 brings you to Rosamund House from Poole or Bournemouth in case you come by train to Bournemouth central station or to our local station in Parkstone.

Arriving by coach from any part of the United Kingdom brings you to Bournemouth Coach Station. At this stage of your journey, you are almost there. You can take a taxi to Rosamund House or you can use a local bus, the M1 from the Square. Moovit is the world's No 1 transport App.

By rail from Bournemouth train station, Parkstone Station is a fair walk or a short taxi ride away from Rosamund House.

By Plane, the local airport is Hurn, from which you will need to take a taxi to get to the Centre.

Retreat Features and Activities

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