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Online personal retreats for depression, anxiety and trauma

Give Yourself Space. Find release from depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, relationship difficulties... and see your future with fresh eyes.


Sometimes we feel stuck and distressed, and simply need space to rest and reflect, or someone who will listen to us, or give us some gentle assistance.

What do we offer you, at Rubina Personal Retreats?

It all starts with a phone call. We explore your needs and, if you want, we make a possible plan.

Then, we proceed at your own pace. We spend time with you, listening and helping you make sense of things that are happening in your life. We draw from a wealth of experience in counselling, meditation, relaxation, visualisation, emotional release and healing. We can look at thinking skills and creativity, and maybe look at your future differently.

Please phone us, make an enquiry here, or see our website: RubinaPersonalRetreats.co.uk. Thank you!

About Sarah and Lucas

Sarah has over 25 years experience, listens intuitively and gets to the heart of things very quickly. She will help you move beyond stress, anxiety, depression, grief or anger. You will be able to use the difficulties and challenges you face to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and nurture your inner qualities and capacities.

Lucas has broad experience of teaching thinking skills. With gentleness, clarity and enthusiasm, he will work with you to discover the power of your own creative thinking processes, uncover more of your potential, and put you in the driving seat of your own life.

About Sarah and Lucas

Opening Times and Prices

On-line sessions, 60-90 minutes. Each session £30-80. You choose how much to pay. The highest amount enables us to reach more people with what we offer.

A number of sessions, say 6 to 10, can be bundled into a "retreat at home", with a maximum of 2 sessions per day, over 3-5 days or in up to two weeks. In "retreats at home", we can suggest optional exercises for you to do between sessions, and you'd have ongoing communication with us during those days. Also optional, a short meditation in the evenings (not charged for).

Directions and Travel

For the foreseeable future we are working ONLINE ONLY.

Please visit RubinaPersonalRetreats.co.uk.


Retreat Features and Activities

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