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Hero's Journey - Who Am I? 3 Day Self-Inquiry Immersion Whalley Abbey Sept 15-18

The 3 Day Hero’s Journey Retreat Has One Purpose - To Directly Experience The Truth Of Your Being - Discover you fundamental adequacy, restore hope & meaning


As a human being, this is perhaps the last great adventure on Earth and one that is completely ours. As with all adventures, it's a journey into the unknown, but what we may find is our greatest resource and of infinite value, bringing enlivened connection and hope -something we can bring back to share with our friends, families, loved ones and community.
Coupling ancient self inquiry techniques with modern, partner based communication cycles known as dyads and set in an intensive three day retreat, this process is a honed, efficient way to reveal your true nature, traditionally known as enlightenment, kensho, awakening, gnosis or union. bringing enlivened connection and hope
Meditation, silent, eco, self discovery, all held in a safe vessel, of beautiful Whalley Abbey.

Opening Times and Prices

Retreat starts with shared dinner at 6pm on Friday the 15th finishing at lunch on Monday the 18th

£595 all in Standard Accommodation A private room with wash hand basin. WC and shower facillities can be found nearby.

£695 all in Ensuite Accommodation Private room with private bathroom.

Directions and Travel

Mainline station to 10 minute walk or contact us and see if lift shares are available from your area

Retreat Features and Activities

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