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Skyros Holidays

Skyros runs yoga, life coaching, writing, and multi-activity holidays in Greece and the Isle of Wight


Skyros, the leading alternative holiday, offers independent-spirited travellers unique and unforgettable holidays.
This is an adventure that opens the heart, expands the mind, recharges the body and uplifts the spirit.
Courses, facilitated by world-renowned teachers, are usually held outdoors in the beautiful landscape.
Choose from yoga, creative writing, life choices, art, music & singing, dance, windsurfing, kayaking and much more.

Atsitsa Bay

Remote holistic retreat

Atsitsa Bay on the remote west-coast of Skyros island boats stunning landscapes and a wide variety of exciting courses.

In 2021 choose from:
Photography, music, singing, dance, wellbeing, personal development, writing, kayaking, windsurfing, massage, art, mindfulness, wild swimming, coaching, comedy and much more.

Accommodation is based in rustic huts (house and single upgrades available).

All meals are included in the price. Meals are served as a mediterranean buffet and all dietary requirements are catered for.

Atsitsa Bay

The Skyros Centre

Masterclasses in a Traditional Greek Village

The creative wellness retreat in the heart of Greek village life

Choose your Writers' Lab or Health & Wellbeing Masterclass in advance.
Enjoy morning Yoga and late afternoon Music & Arts classes.
Stay in traditional Skyrian accommodation in the village or by the sea.
Two meals per day are included in the price - meals are served as a mediterranean buffet and all dietary requirements are catered for.

Return home with all the skills and encouragement necessary to pursue your creative vision

The Skyros Centre

Eco Practices

Skyros provides holistic holidays which emphasize being rather than having, doing rather than consuming and cooperating rather than competing. We are committed to an eco-friendly future and support solar heating and recycling, including our shower water. Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and use refill stations throughout the site. Skyros encourages responsible integration with the local communities including the teaching of local history, culture and language and sponsorship of local events and organisations. Skyros uses locally owned and maintained facilities with policies in place that favour local produce and services and locals are employed wherever possible.

Opening Times and Prices

The office is open year-round on weekdays from 9am to 5.30pm

Directions and Travel

Fly to Athens than take the Aegean Air domestic flight to Skyros. If the domestic flight is sold out overland transfers will be offered.

Retreat Features and Activities

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