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The Barn: online / virtual, personalised, individual healing & life coaching

Give Yourself Space. Find release from depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship difficulties... and see your future with fresh eyes


Sometimes we need some space to rest and reflect, free from pressure.

And sometimes we need more.

Starting with a session in which we explore your needs and make a plan, and proceeding at your own pace, we spend time with you, listening and helping you make sense of things that are happening in your life.

Our online retreats are tailored to suit you: from only a few elements or up to a truly intensive full programme which may include counselling, meditation, relaxation, visualisation, emotional release and healing, developing your thinking skills, exploring creativity, even looking at your future differently...

See our website for details, and do get in touch!

About us

Sarah and Lucas

Sarah has over 25 years experience of working with people from many walks of life. She is known for her ability to listen intuitively and get to the heart of things very quickly. She will help you move beyond stress, anxiety, depression, grief or anger. She will assist you to use the difficulties and challenges you face as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and nurturing your inner qualities and capacities.

Lucas has broad experience of teaching thinking skills. With gentleness, clarity and enthusiasm, he will work with you to discover the power of your own creative thinking processes, uncover more of your potential, and put you in the driving seat of your own life.

A detailed review

(see website for more)

I did an online retreat with Sarah and Lucas over the space of a week and a half.

They met me with kindness, warmth and acceptance. Their way of working is flexible and was very focused around my individual wants and needs and my schedule. I loved exploring the creativity that was part of the exercises I did during the retreat. I would go off and work on this by myself and send photos back to them to discuss at the next session.

A session on Thinking Strategies with Lucas was interesting and insightful.

A PTSD session with Sarah allowed me to properly process memories of a traumatic relationship. Memories that had been clouding over everything for me over the last five years. Immediately after the session, I could feel that something had shifted inside me.

Another detailed review

(see website for more)

Sarah and Lucas hosted a 3 day retreat online for me and what a wonderful, transformational experience. I felt instantly comfortable and supported by them from the moment we started to chat [using online video], and throughout the 3 days it was a great comfort to know Sarah and Lucas were available anytime to talk or support as I needed.

I really enjoyed the mix of the online sessions which included helpful activities, and also the time I had myself to reflect and explore different aspects of my thoughts and emotions. It was quite amazing how I felt my energy shifting even although we were far apart. The sessions were fun, interactive and thought provoking.

I can’t thank Sarah and Lucas for hosting a special space for me to connect to myself again and refocus my energy.

Opening Times and Prices

We’re offering two possibilities:

1) On-line sessions, 60-90 minutes. Each session £20-70. You choose how much to pay. The highest amount enables us to reach more people with what we offer.

2) On-line retreats, which are a focused number of sessions (6 to 10) over 3-5 days or, flexibly, up to two weeks. Each session will be 60-90 minutes, maximum 2 per day, with exercises for you to do between sessions, ongoing communication with us during those days, and a short meditation in the evenings. Charged per session (as above), and the short meditation is included.

If interested, please use the form or email us. We reply in 24 hours in weekdays.

We would also be happy to have a chat to explore whether you would benefit from a session or a full online retreat.

Directions and Travel

We will be happy to welcome you once it becomes possible.

For now, we're only doing on-line retreats.

Retreat Features and Activities

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