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The Barn: personalised healing & life coaching for individuals and couples

Give Yourself Space. Find release from depression, anxiety, ptsd, relationship difficulties... and see your future with fresh eyes


We're changing - so that we can keep doing what's needed.
We're now providing a virtual, online "place" for you to rest and reflect, free from pressure.
Starting with a session in which we explore your needs and make a plan, and proceeding at your own pace, we spend time with you, listening and helping you make sense of things that are happening in your life.
Our online retreats are tailored to suit you: from only a few elements or up to a truly intensive full programme which may include counselling, meditation, relaxation, visualisation, emotional release and healing, developing your thinking skills, exploring creativity, even looking at your future differently...
See our website for details, and do get in touch!

Opening Times and Prices

We’re offering two possibilities:

1) On-line sessions, for £20-50/session depending on your circumstances.

2) On-line retreats, i.e. two 90-minute sessions per day for 3-5 days, which amounts to 6-10 sessions, with exercises for you to do between sessions, ongoing communication with us during those days, and a short meditation in the evenings. The cost would range between £45-90/day, again depending on circumstances.

You can always try one “online session” and see if you would benefit from a full “online retreat”.

Directions and Travel

We will be happy to welcome you once it becomes possible.

For now, we're only doing on-line retreats.

Retreat Features and Activities

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