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The Land Retreat Center

A Bay Area Retreat Center - Northern California


A Bay Area nature sanctuary on 162 acres in Mendocino County, Northern California, focused on connection, mindfulness, restoration & healing. Perfect for corporate off-sites, spiritual and wellness retreats. This community-run Bay Area retreat and meditation center has a 2-acre flower garden, saltwater pool, hot yoga room, gym, meadows, the healing waters of the Navarro River, and old-growth redwoods in Hendy Woods. We have a mix of cabins, houses, and glamping tents for lodging and farm-to-table meals. Available for personal, meditation, yoga, corporate retreats, weddings, and other celebrations.

Directions and Travel

The physical address is 18501 Van Zandt Resort Rd, Philo, CA 95466. Coming from the Bay Area, take Hwy 101 North. Exit 522 CA Hwy 128 West toward Fort Bragg/Mendocino/Boonville and go left off the exit.

A quarter of a mile down, turn right onto Hwy128. It gets a bit windy. Go about 25 miles, then turn left onto Ray’s Rd (by the Anderson Valley Inn and Philo Post Office) off Hwy 128 on the west edge of the town of Philo.

When the road splits, stay on the lower road until a large red archway is in front of you. Do not go through the archway. Instead, go left through the white gate that says “The Land” on it. Stay on that road until you are across the bridge and then just on the other side of the bridge, go through the white gate.

Retreat Features and Activities

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