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The Raw Retreat, Cornwall

Health, Weight Loss and Detox Plant Based Food and Juice Retreats in Cornwall, UK


The most priceless thing in life, which should never be taken for granted, is our health.
For over a decade we have been dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our guests at our small and personalised oasis in the heart of Cornwall.
Our retreats have been created to inspire, motivate, empower and guide our guests to being a healthier, happier, and lighter version of themselves.
Experience a better way of eating, moving, thinking, feeling and being.
Our Life-Changing Retreats are all inclusive of plant –based meals and juices, all activities and therapies to create a complete retreat.
On our Simply Stay Retreats, guests create their own, choosing just to relax whilst exploring the stunning local countryside or Cornish coastline or adding in the therapies they want.

Our Retreats

Healing, Detox, Juice Cleanse, Kick-Start and Serious Weight Loss and Keto

We offer various retreats all year round in our small and personalised retreat in the heart of Cornwall. We offer six different programmes. As long as there is availability they run on dates to suit you.​
Three of our programmes include activities; one to one yoga, massage treatments and spa sessions, meditation teaching, nutritional consultations, workshops, coastal excursions and more.
Activities are not part of Simply Stay Retreats. On these retreats guests create their own retreat - amuse themselves by taking a walk in the stunning local countryside, at last having time to continue a hobby such as reading, drawing or photography, sunbathing (Cornish weather permitting), watching TV or a DVD from our library which includes health films and documentaries or simply just being.

Our Retreats

Life-Changing Retreats

We offer three Life-Changing Retreats available in The Studio

You only have one health…. We help you look after it.
At the heart of our life-changing retreats is detoxification, excellent nutrition, exercise and stress reduction but above all else we offer kindness and support on your journey to wellness and a renewed sense of the person you once were.
Guests stay on these retreats to heal, detox or to seriously lose weight.
What they achieve is often profound and life-changing.
We guide our guests to healthier, happier lives and put them on the path to true healing of both the body and mind. They take away with them the knowledge and motivation to continue their healing journey and many return again and again to us and to our unique retreat.
Included; therapies and activities such as massage, pool & spa, yoga & meditation & more.

Life-Changing Retreats

Health Intensive Retreat

Food based retreats to support guests with acute and chronic health issues.

These are not our quotes, but quotes from respected, knowledgeable people around the world.

"Type 2 diabetes is reversible through change in diet; every time"

Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute

"The only way to stop heart disease and then reverse it, is through diet and lifestyle"

Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Cleveland clinic foundation (he directed the longest and most successful heart disease reversal program ever completed)

"The biggest cause of cancer is a weakened immune system and the best way to boost this is a healthy plant based diet"

​Dr Ruth Heidrich, marathon runner and cancer survivor*

Health Intensive Retreat

Serious Weight Loss

For guests who are overweight with more than a few pounds/kilos to lose.

Lose up to 1lb per day*
Get motivated to continue the weight loss upon your return home
Feel calm and lose your reliance on emotional eating and poor food choices.
Go home fitter than you ever thought possible.
*results may vary from person to person

The Raw Retreat has empowered hundreds of our guests to achieve optimum weight and health. Our Weight Loss Programme is very different from fat farms and weight-loss boot camps. Guests are treated as individuals and we teach guests how to achieve lasting and sustained weight loss through a permanent change of lifestyle rather than a quick temporary fix.

Serious Weight Loss

Healing Detox

Juice-based retreat to detox, help to heal themselves and lose weight.

Why Detoxify?
Simply because it has the potential to heal and rejuvenate the body.
It will also make you look and feel totally amazing!

Juice cleansing with pure, vegetable and fruit juices along with gentle exercise, relaxation and digestive herbal supplements can bring many benefits as it gives our bodies a rest from everyday toxins. It’s not just the air we breathe, but also what we eat and drink, the stress in our lives and even negative thoughts that can put a strain on our bodies.

Healing Detox

Simply Stay Retreats

Create your own retreat. Available in all accommodation.

We offer three Simply Stay Retreats available in any accommodation. Minimum stay 3 nights.

Kick-Start Weight Loss
Alkaline Juice Fast
Keto Food Fast​

Many of our guests want to have the flexibility to customise their retreats exactly to their own needs and do not want to be constricted by a set timetable of activities. On these retreats we provide the bespoke food or juices and supplements and guests are free to do as they please.

Rest and relax, massage and leisure available at the local spa, do some sightseeing or walk the stunning Cornish coastline and the local countryside. It is also possible to detox while working as there is WiFi available.

Simply Stay Retreats

Alkaline Juice Fast

For a complete detox and colon cleanse.

Cleanse & Detoxify

If you are looking for a total alkaline juice cleanse, this is it!
Stay and juice
No hard work
No temptation
Lose weight*

*Results may vary from person to person.

Boost your energy levels
Beat sugar addiction and other cravings
Relieve stress and anxiety and improve mood
Reduce aches, pains, headaches and tiredness
Balance your gut microbiome

Juice fasting gives the body an opportunity to rest and heal whilst still delivering liquid nourishment. Many people report that after a juice fast many of their symptoms of ill health improve, from aches and pains, clearer skin and eyes to an increase in energy and vitality.

Alkaline Juice Fast

Kick-Start Weight Loss

For guests who want to kick-start their weight loss journey

Reduce & Renew

Lose weight and get fitter without the competitiveness of a bootcamp.
Exercise at your own pace and get away from the temptations in rural Cornwall.

Lose weight*
Normalise insulin levels
Gain fitness by walking in the stunning local countryside

Take a health holiday in Cornwall without the pasties or fish & chips.

The Simply Stay Weight Loss Retreat is for guests who want to take themselves away from their routine and to lose weight. Guests are encouraged to walk, rest, relax and destress.

There is plenty to do around and about from sightseeing to massage therapy.

*Results may vary from person to person.

Kick-Start Weight Loss

Keto Food Fast

Based on the work of The Longevity Institute and Prof. Valter Longo

Regenerate and Rejuvenate

Recently interest in fasting has grown exponentially and there are a plethora of differing regimes that come under the umbrella title of fasting. Intermittent, alternate-day, TRE (time-restricted eating) and extended fasting are just four differing ways in which we can limit our daily intake. This retreat is based a diet that mimicks fasting but without the dangers and hunger.

​The most current research shows that fasting may:

Reduce weight and visceral fat*
Improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels
Reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Reduce inflammation
Slow aging and mental decline
Increase stem cells
Induce autophagy and cell regeneration

*Results may vary from person to person.

Keto Food Fast


A small retreat where all guests get individual attention.

The Raw Retreat is set in 4 acres the heart of Cornwall with stunning scenery all around. It is bound on one side by a stream linking into the River Lyhner. Wildlife abounds.

All accommodation at the retreat is private. There are no communal areas.

We have The Studio and three sumptuous shepherd’s huts. Our huts have been sustainably handmade for us by skilled craftsmen and women. They all have their own unique character but are all equally cosy and snug.

For Life-Changing Retreats, choose The Studio as your accommodation.
For Simply Stay Retreats choose any of the shepherd’s huts or The Studio.

Please see The Gallery and our web site for more pictures of accommodation.



Reviews in the press

The Raw Retreat has been featured in:

Conde Nast Traveller Magazine
The Times
The Telegraph
The Independent
Natural Health Magazine
What Doctors Don't Tell You Magazine

The Raw Retreat has been featured on The Queen of Retreats curated and independently reviewed web site.

The Raw Retreat was featured as one of 10 Best Wellness Retreats Worldwide in 2020



Our guests return again and again

"I have been to many spas and retreats that claim to offer health recovery but there is nothing personalised about them. The Raw Retreat is one of a kind and has no competitors! My yoga teacher was amazing and had a unique understanding of yoga. The quality, presentation and taste of the food was truly a rare experience; the best raw food I have ever tasted and I lost 10lbs* in 8 days. It was truly a mind, body and spirit experience."
M Kohut, USA

"This place is magical in every way and is a must for anyone with health or emotional issues. I feel more positive about my health again. The best investment in yourself money can buy."
L. Mason, Cornwall. Former health writer for The Sunday Times



The accommodation at The Raw Retreat consists of The Studio with spiral staircase and three cosy and warm luxury shepherd's huts. All the huts have steps up to access the entrance.

Eco Practices

Our shepherd's huts are built using sustainable wood.
They are lined with British sheep's wool insulation which is not only environmentally friendly but also extremely efficient at keeping the huts cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.
Paint and other decorating materials are eco friendly where possible.
All cleaning products are eco friendly.
The retreat has its own orchard and area for growing vegetables which are grown organically.
All fruit and vegetable waste is composted.
We use local suppliers wherever we can and choose packaging suitable for recycling where possible.
We always use eco logs for our log burning stoves which are a surplus product of the sawmill industry.
As much waste as possible at the retreat is recycled to avoid sending waste to landfill.

Opening Times and Prices

The retreat is open all year.
Minimum stay is 3 nights.
Arrival time 16.00
Departure 10.00
Prices from £165.00 per person per night

Directions and Travel

Getting there
Getting to The Raw Retreat couldn't be easier. The retreat is easily accessed by train. It is also a 4 to 5 hour drive from London and there are easy connections from regional and international airports
By Car
The Retreat is in a truly tranquil setting yet is just 10 minutes from A38 which has direct links to M5. Detailed driving instructions are sent to guests upon booking.
By Train
St Germans is the nearest station from where we offer a transfer service
Plymouth is the nearest mainline station
Several taxi/minicab businesses offer a transfer and collection service. We are happy to provide details.
By Plane
Visit the website to find out more about international travel

Retreat Features and Activities

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