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5 Day Nature Breath - Min-Immersion - Cairngorms, Scotland

During these five days you will learn to direct the superpower of breath control to create a deep connection with your physiology


5 Days of Nature Breath in the Cairngorms.
Here you will discover how to lean into stress and gain superior focus, enhance mental and physical performance, boost your immune system and increase your cold tolerance.
During these 5 days you will learn the techniques which include breathwork, meditation, earthing, cold exposure and visualisation and how to apply them in your everyday life.
The retreat will be run by facilitator – Allan Brownlie who has vast experience in running retreats, workshops & events.


5 Day Nature Breath - Min-Immersion - Cairngorms, Scotland

5 days in the picturesque Scottish Highlands. Everyday was a different educating adventure, and each day naturally flowed together with the multitude of activities and exercises.
My three most special experiences:
- The mystical Cold Therapy. From my first shocking exposure, to building up momentum to a +2 minute session, and finishing with an enjoyable and majestic waterfall. Beautiful.
- An enlightening relationship with the power of my breath. A relationship that will continue to undo negative psychological and spiritual conditionings.
- Awakening parts of the divine animal within. The inner beast must be integrated to fulfil our potentials.
All of which, plus the myrid of other experiences and wisdom pieces, have actualised me into a better man.

Opening Times and Prices

2nd - 6th Feb 2023, £1070
30th Nov - 4th Dec 2023, £1070

Directions and Travel

Nearest Airport is Aberdeen and the number 201 bus will get you here. (Aberdeen-Crathie)

Retreat Features and Activities

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