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5 Day Traditional African Bwiti Iboga Immersion Retreat in Azores, Portugal

Become in possession of yourself. Connect with a plant teacher in a traditional setting and move beyond any emotions, addictions or past traumas that may be holding you back


Iboga is a powerful plant medicine from Gabon Africa that can help you to understand your inner psyche. It is a powerful ancient plant that can be utilized in explorations of the self or to repair aspects of yourself that you are struggling with.

This plant can be used as a tool to free yourself from all your repetitive thought patterns which can manifest as emotional conditions such as depression or anxiety, trauma or addiction. If you have already tried to help yourself and are still suffering in your life, this plant will be your key to a new start. Using Iboga as the tool you can rewire neural pathways in your mind, enabling you to finally think in new positive ways and discard habits, addiction and negative emotional states

Retreat Dates

Retreats Dates in the Azores Portugal

13th to 17th May 2022 (Sáo Miguel Portugal)
20th to 24th May 2022 (Sáo Miguel, Portugal)
25th to 29th July 2022 (Pico, Portugal)
8th to 12th Aug 2022 (Pico, Portugal)


This retreat includes the following

2 traditional Bwiti Iboga Healing Experiences
Pre/Post Iboga Support calls
Counseling and talk therapy
5 days, 4 nights accommodation at Retreat Centre
Ceremonies are performed in the temple space and we remain there for the duration of the retreat.
Vegetarian meals prepared with local, organic ingredients that are ethically obtained. We can cater for any additional dietary needs.
DAY1 - First Iboga Ceremony tonight
DAY2 - Processing Day
DAY 3 - Second Ceremony night.
DAY 4 - Processing Day
DAY 5 - Departure Day


Bwiti Nganga

Our Nganga Makonza has trained extensively in Africa over many year and has completed the following rites and initiations: Muiri (Men’s Rites), Ngoyi (Female Rites), Edicka (2) (Le Ngondey), Moumeney (Le Ngondey), Mudaki ( Le Mangonga),
Sombi (Le Ngondey),Mougnimbi (Le Ngondey), Na Kombo (Le Ngondey), Kombi Na Missingui ( Le Mangonga), Nzegho (Black Panther)
Our job as Ngangas is to ensure the safety of our guests. We learn to step out of the way of Spirit so that it can heal the individual. We are servants of God; we do as we are told and create sacred space for guests so that they can heal and connect with Spirit.
Spirit saved my life; I will always be grateful and honoured to work alongside It.

The Sacred Wood


Some have claimed Iboga is a dangerous substance, but nothing could be further from the truth. That being said, there is a proper way to ingest Iboga, & the importance of ceremony & tradition cannot be understated. The journey of Iboga must be undertaken with a trained Nganga. That is where we come in
True healing begins within. You are Spirit; you are your own Healer. Iboga will show you the way. Looking to self-proclaimed “shamans” will not fix your situation; in fact, this often makes things worse.
Iboga is a Spirit of truth. It acts as your mirror. It will cleanse you, heal you, & save you from yourself and your racing mind. Iboga will ask you to face your inner demons & hold you accountable for your future actions.

What is Nganga

Servant to God

The Nganga being a man of God must know and embody Bwiti, meaning he lives without the need to control. He relinquishes to the divine connection to God entirely. He does not live outside of the self in material image. He does not live in ego or material gratification that seeks accolade, approval, or affirmation from others to justify his position of self. His seat is in the self and only through this sovereignty can he be the voice of spirit, the letting go of that which is, this is the protection we experience with Nganga. Nganga achieves attachment to Spirits through rites and initiations. These Spirits he embodies, he becomes more of the self through these connections and these subsequent connections bring protection and spiritual accuracy to those healing. The art is one of gentle pow

What to Bring

Following is a list of things you might want to bring with you to the retreat:
A journal - pre and post work is essential
Reusable water bottle.
Comfortable clothes for ceremony
Toiletries - we do not supply single use toiletries

What is Iboga

Iboga is a spirit not a medicine

When we are here in this physical life, we are meant to be happy, spontaneous and joyous but this has been lost. As a protector Iboga is put here in this physical realm appearing as a plant but a spirit in nature. It opens up a portal to reconnect us to our greater personhood, so that we may iron out the physical maladies that we have created to assail us. We cannot lose the majesty of this gift. For life is about experience and if you believe in evolution and survival of the fittest, that we are born and then we die, then you will have fear. Let us all be safe in the knowledge that death doe

How can Iboga Help?

Iboga knows of no discrimination in its healing capacity. It can help you to heal all states of disease or imbalance - emotional physical, spiritual.
If you suffer with Depression Anxiety PTSD OCD PanicAttacks Bipolar ADD / ADHD Schizophrenia EatingDisorders SuicidalThoughts selfharm Addictions; AbandonmentIssues Abuse (physical, sexual, emotional or mental) Trauma torture Grief Guilt Fear Anger Generationalclearing - Iboga will help.
How can one plant help so many disparate conditions? Because it guides you, in your own unique path of self discovery, back to your soul, to find and understand the root causes of these issues.


Guests must complete a medical intake form. This is procedure and we can advise you on anything you may need to do in preparation.

Retreat Features and Activities

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